Realistic Skeleton Drop Add-on

Hi! Have you ever thought about the idea of ​​skeletons having a bigger bone drop? it would be more realistic. In this simple addon, skeletons drop more than 100 bones.



This addon is very simple. What will be changed is the total number of bones dropped by skeletons.

We know that the human body has over 200 bones. In order not to pollute your inventory as much, we’ve placed more than 100 bones for skeletons to drop.

With this addon, you’ll have more bones for various crafts in the game.

The head drop was not added, as, in addition to having the facility to get more bones, it would be more op.



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Wait 5 seconds and click on free access with ads, then you will have to click on Discover Articles wait a while and click on the x to close the articles and then click on continue, a new tab will open so wait for it to load the mediafire link.


Turn on:

– Holyday Creator Features;

– Additional Moddings Capabilities.

creator: LanDay


By aadhu

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