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Bedrock Redstone + (Beta 0.0.1)

Redstone + (Beta 0.0.1)

Ever wanted More Redstone things in Minecraft? WELL SAY NO MORE! This Addon adds New Redstone things like Colored Redstone Lamps and much more! Everything is survival Friendly too (This is just a beta hope you enjoy it)


Colored Redstone Lamps

These can be activated with normal Redstone stuff (Exept Buttons,levers,Observers and Day light sensor)

The Recipe is Fairly Simple

Known Bug: If too many (About 100 or more) Are placed The Game can Lag!



Next Up is the Timer Block

It has 10 stages

0 Tick (Deactivated)

10 Tick (0.5 Seconds)

20 Tick (1 Seconds)

30 Tick (1.5 Seconds)

40 Tick (2 Seconds)

50 Tick (2.5 Seconds)

60 Tick (3 Seconds)

70 Tick (3.5 Seconds)

80 Tick (4 Seconds)

90 Tick (4.5 Seconds)

100 Tick (5 Seconds)

You can change them by interacting

If the Timer is up it will send a Signal to a Repeater next it (ONLY REPEATER)

Next it the Redstomizer!
When getting a Signal (only Lever, redstone wire, repeater or Redstone Block/Torch)
It will send an Signal to a Random Diraction (Only to repeaters)

it Won’t spam it so you gotta deactivate the Signal then Activate it again to send another Signal!

creator: https://www.youtube.com/laiffoo

This is All for the First Beta!
Suggestions can be in the Comments Or my Discord Server!

Also Experimental Gameplay Features on


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