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Bedrock Refine (Vanilla Tweaks, Better Wandering Traders + More)

Refine (Vanilla Tweaks, Better Wandering Traders + More)


Refine is a small behaviour pack which aims to refine and tweak certain features within the game, without adding any new blocks or game-changing mechanics, in order to enhance the vanilla experience. Some features in the pack include; two seats on a horse, better wandering traders, crafting improvements and mob improvements.

Created by – Baguette Creations, Twitter

Feature list-

More/Improved crafting recipes

More Trapdoors (applies to all wood types)

New ender eye crafting recipe

The new crafting recipe gives features to many items which otherwise don’t have many uses, it also requires the player to try out different aspects of the game, such as trading, exploring and farming. This feature can be disabled when applying the pack as I understand it may not be to everyone’s tastes.

Andesite, diorite and granite can be crafted into cobblestone

Flint can be crafted back into gravel

Coal and charcoal into black dye

Chainmail armour can be crafted using chains

Nautilus shell to prismarine shards


Nameable Ender Dragon 

The Ender Dragon can now be renamed, although there probably isn’t much use for this feature outside of creative mode

Increased stack sizes

The majority of items with unusually small stack sizes have been increased! 

Rotten flesh to leather

Rotten flesh can be placed onto campfires and converted into leather, as a way of drying it out.


Improved Mobs

Two seats on a horse

Horses, Mules, Donkeys and Llamas now have room for two players to be seated!

Zombie Horse

The zombie horse can now be obtained in survival mode by striking a skeleton horse with lightning. It serves as a method of late-game transport, boasting extremely high speeds. Similarly to the other horses, it can also carry two players.


Wandering trader

The wandering trader is often regarded as one of the most useless mobs in the game, however, I’ve adjusted the wandering trader’s trades slightly. Wandering traders also now have the ability to sell explorer maps to multiple different structures.

Better Mob drops

Creepers drop TNT

Creepers have a chance to drop TNT upon death, allowing for much simpler TNT farms

Strays drop ice

Strays have a chance to drop ice upon death

Chickens drop feathers

Chickens will drop feathers periodically, allowing for a more humane way of gathering them


The pack has two sub-pack options, one with the new ender eye crafting recipe and one without.

Known bugs-

  • Sometimes the pack can’t be applied to realms

If you find any other bugs, or encounter any other problems, please message me on Twitter

Planned features-

I have many more features planned for future updates, some of which are not possible to implement currently. Although, I will continue to update this addon by adding other features which would fit into the vanilla game.


This pack should be more or less compatible with every addon and resource pack as it adds no new mobs or blocks. The pack does also not contain a player.json file. As a side note, make sure to check out my other addons on my  page!



Make sure to enable all experimental gameplay toggles before using this addon!

I’ve used Linkvertise as a shortener, as it helps to support me as a creator. When installing the addon, view the ads for ten seconds. After, you will have access the MediaFire page. Once downloaded, simply import it, select which sub-pack you’d prefer, and you’re ready to go!

creator: https://twitter.com/BagtCreations  




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