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Bedrock Reharvest Addon (Compatible with any Addon)

Reharvest Addon (Compatible with any Addon)


ReHarvest Addon adds some very simple features, but it will make it easier for us to harvest the crops that are ready to be harvested , I hope you enjoy

This addon adds a very simple mechanic for your crops, you can replant very easily just by right clicking if the crop is ready in windows 10 or if you are on cell phone, all you have to do is touch the crop without breaking it, just touch it when your crop is ready and it will give you its respective crop and its seed and it will replant automatically, this function will work in the following crops wheat, potatoes, beetroot, nether wart, cocoa, carrots

This can only be done with your free hand you don’t have to have any items in your hand but there is an exception with the bone meal since the bone meal will work

This will serve to automatically grow and replant the crop is very efficient if you have a lot of bone meal

This addon is compatible for multiplayer, realms and servers and it uses gametest so it is compatible with most addons that use the player.json


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