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Bedrock Reliquary Reincarnations Addon V1

Reliquary Reincarnations Addon V1


This addon adds items and blocks based on Java Edition Reliquary Reincarnations mod




Enable Experimental Gameplay and Education Edition   


Addon tested only on mobile and single player mode


Made by fan


Report bugs and issues on my YouTube channel


New loot items:


Many things in the addon use new loot items in your crafting. The items are:

Bat Wing – Bat

Catalyzing Gland – Creeper/Ghast

Chelicerae – Spider/Cave Spider

Eye of the Storm – Creeper

Frozen Core – Snowman

Guardian Spike – Guardian

Molten Core – Blaze/Magma Cube

Nebulous Heart – Enderman

Rib Bone – Skeleton/Stray

Slime Pearl – Slime/Magma Cube

Squid Beak – Squid/Glow Squid

Witch Hat – Witch

Withered Rib – Wither Skeleton

Zombie Heart – Zombie/Zombie Villager/Husk/Drowned



All these items can be turned into another loot on the crafting table. (Detail for the Guardian Spike that has no function other than the above and for the Witch Hat that can be equipped)


Items Only Used For Crafting:


These are items whose only function is to be used in recipes.


Shears of Winter:


Will turn all leaves in a 3×3×3 area (Broken block as center) into air when breaking a block


Glowing Water and Glowing Bread:


Glowing Water: It’s like a splash potion that kills nearby undead family mobs Glowing Bread: Made with Glowing Water, fills all hunger and has great saturation


Lantern of Paranoia:


Hold on screen to equip 5 torches (you need to have this in your inventory just to let you know), hold again to place (in place of air) on the block you are on and 5 blocks apart (if on the same height block not for air, the torch can be placed up to 2 blocks above)


Sojourner’s Staff:


Hold on the screen to equip a torch and hold again to launch a projectile that touches a block to place a torch


Items that make you hungry:


Hold screen to equip. These are items that give a positive effect along with hunger in compensation.


Angelic Feather: Effect of Slow Falling and Jump Boost II

Infernal Claws: Fire Resistance Effect

Kraken Shell: Water Breathing, Night Vision and Speed ​​Effect when completely underwater


Twilight Cloak:


You gain the Invisibility effect when you equip


Altar of Light:


Place 3 redstones, make the block light up and then it will create a glowstone block instead of air after a while


Ice Wands:


Ice Magus Rod: Hold screen to equip snowball, hold again to throw

Glacial Staff: Does the same thing as the Ice Magus Rod but throws the snowball faster and passively turns water and lava into walkable blocks


Mercy Cross:



Hold the screen and all nearby undead family mobs will take 6 damage. Hitting a mob does the same damage as an iron sword.


Void Tear:



Combine with a bed or ender pearl while crafting, hold the screen to equip the selected item with up to 4 beds (equip 1 at a time), and up to 64 ender pearls (equip 16 at a time)


Destruction Catalyst:


Hold the screen to equip gunpowder and click on a block to break it into a 3×3×3 area with the clicked block in the center


Serpent Staff:


Shoot a projectile that causes the poison effect for 5 seconds


Salamander Eye:



When held in hand, extinguishes fire and fireballs (such as ghasts throw) in a 10-block radius


Fortune Coin:


Segure a tela para ativar, ao ativado, teleporta todos os itens e xp para o jogador em um raio de 6 blocos, ao clicar no chão, teleporta em um raio de 10 blocos




Emperor’s Chalice: Place infinite water, hold sneaking screen to change mode, in second mode, click on the block to transform the above block from water to air. In water place mode, hold the screen to have the saturation effect for 20 seconds in exchange for 1 heart Infernal Chalice: When in inventory, gain fire resistance effect. Apart from the part of exchanging life for hunger, it does the same as the Emperor’s Chalice only with lava instead of water




Gain strength when holding in hand, in slots closer to the last, stronger the effect


Harvest Rod:



Hold on screen to equip bone meal, hold again to grow crops, harvest and replant in a 3×3 area


Infernal Tear:


Hold on screen to activate, turns cobblestone, cobbled deepslate, blackstone, granite, diorite, andresite, sand, gravel and rotten flesh into xp


Rending Gale:


You can hold the screen and equip it with feather, and teleport nearby mobs to you by holding the screen again. Click on a block for lightning to appear. Hold sneaking on the screen to activate flight.


Pyromancer’s Staff:


Hold on the screen to equip blaze powder or fireball (Priority is blaze powder) and hold again to shoot a small fireball (if equipped with blaze powder) or a fireball (if equipped with fireball). Click on the ground to make fire appear. Hold on the screen sneaking to activate the mode that has the item in the inventory, extinguishes fire and the two types of fireball.



Ender Staff and Wraith Node:


Hold on screen to equip ender pearl, hold sneaking again to toggle between Ender Pearl (Throw Ender Pearl normally) and Ender Eye (Throw Ender Pearl faster) modes. If you hold the screen while sneaking without equipping it teleports you to the nearest Wraith Node


Passive Pedestals and Pedestals:


The Passive Pedestals come to display items, for now only the ones in the image below Pedestals are an improved version that serves to make items perform functions: 

Equipping the bucket makes it fill with milk if there is a cow nearby;

Mercy Cross, kills mobs with nearby undead family; 

Magicbane, 6 damage to all mobs on cooldown; 

Rending Gale, teleports all mobs to him on cooldown;

The others do the same as they would if they had the player using;


(To put the Rending Gale or Harvest Rod, it needs to be equipped, to put on the Glacial Staff, it cannot be equipped, and to put the Pyromancer’s Staff, it needs to be in extinguish fire mode). To rotate, break using Silk Touch






The original mod made by P3pp3rF1y and X3n0ph0b3 has the GNU license, I didn’t understand very well about the license but I tried to contact one of the creators but I didn’t get an answer




Addon demo video (in Portuguese):


creator: BrunumGames


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