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Bedrock Remon Furniture V2.0 (Functional Furniture 1.19.0)

Remon Furniture V2.0 (Functional Furniture 1.19.0)


More than 110 pieces of modern and functional furniture and more than 16 beautiful and attractive colors. You can furnish your home in the way you want, believe me, you will love it

Hello, and finally now you can enjoy with the new modern furniture, which comes with more than 110 functional and realistic pieces of furniture with realistic sound effects. You can cook, sit, watch TV, eat and more. All the furniture is functional and certainly not completed yet. There will be more updates. You will see below how to use the furniture and download and instructions

  • Update V2.0
  1. Compatible with version 1.19.0
  2. Some bugs have been fixed
  3. Many kitchen furniture and modern functions have been added
  4. All furniture has sound effects
  5. All furniture is blocks that do not contain an entity

The way to get the furniture is very easy

Furniture Jobs
the book

You can put more than one book in the same block at the moment no sounds will be added soon


On a laptop, you can open it, turn it on, and then close it, just click on the laptop

air conditioner

An air conditioner that you can operate via the air conditioner remote control, you can raise the degree of cold, and it makes a sound


The clock You can set the time 10 seconds 20 seconds 30 seconds When the time expires it will sound a ring tone You have to press stop


Turn on the fan, you must use the plug, it beeps, there is speed 1 and speed 2, you can turn it off


The TV screen can be changed to 3 channels. There is an audio channel that plays a song. You can turn on the TV using the remote control.


Well to turn on the light you have to bring the light plug you can turn it on and off


A wardrobe that you can open or close makes a sound

Paint Art

You can just click to shoot them down


You can change the colors of the curtains to 16 colors by dyeing the colors. Just hold the dye you want and press the curtain. You also have a connection. You can make curtains of the size you need.

Bed, sofa, desk, wardrobe and chair

Well, you can change the colors by dyeing the bed, the sofa, the office chair and the office, and you can also open the office closure. Move away by 2 blocks to dye the chair and sofa. Come closer by 2 blocks to sit. You can also store in the closet.

kitchen furniture jobs
gas and oven

Oven or gas, you can cook and cook different dishes that contain sound and timer effects

  • Cake cooking

First, you must hold the cake dough, then click on the oven to open, then insert the dough and then close the oven, it will take 15 seconds to cook, a sound will appear when finished, open the oven and then take out the cake ready to eat

  • eggs

To cook the eggs first, you have to bring the pan, then put it on the gas, then bring an egg and press the frying pan, it will take 7 seconds, then press to get the egg plate

egg bowl

You can eat eggs by clicking on the plate. The hunger will be completely filled. Also, you should pay attention if you leave the eggs for more than 35 seconds, they will become cold, and if you eat them, they will cause you nausea for 30 seconds. You can reheat them in the microwave.


You can eat the cake by pressing the cake in batches, you will get full health on every piece you eat


You can toast the bread first, you have to put the bread in the toaster, then press and wait 5 seconds and then press to get the toasted bread

food sector

You can use to cut the orange pieces, fetch the orange and press it, it will take 5 seconds with the slicing sounds, then press to get the orange pieces


Through the blender, you can make orange juice. First you have to open the blender, then bring the orange pieces and put them in the blender, then close it, wait 6 seconds, then press to pour the juice. Wait 5 seconds. You can drink a cup of juice by clicking on it. You will get an acceleration for a while. 50 seconds, sorry, forgot to take a picture of the juice glass


You can use the microwave to heat the egg dish, first you must open the microwave door, then put the frozen dish, then close it, wait 6 seconds, it will constantly ring when finished

kitchen chimney

Kitchen chimney has a connection that you can make the size you want

Storage and chairs

You can use cabinets for storage and also you can sit on chairs and change their color to 16 colors and the table has a connection


Some pictures

This is the first version and we are not finished yet, the next update will be about the kitchen. I wish you a happy day

You are not allowed to put any link of your own or a mediafire link, only the link to this page, otherwise you will force me to report

  1. Compatible with version 1.19.0
  2. Some bugs have been fixed
  3. Many kitchen furniture and modern functions have been added
  4. All furniture has sound effects
  5. All furniture is blocks that do not contain an entity


Very important: you must apply the update blocks in order to work, otherwise only update blocks will appear

You must activate the experimental options, otherwise the furniture will not appear

How to download


creator: Creative Karis


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