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Bedrock Repair Blocks Update (1.18.10)

Repair Blocks Update (1.18.10)

Are you facing an error in version 1.18.10 Do you install the extension but it does not work or appears as update blocks or weed blocks Well don’t worry here is the solution


Because of 1.18.10, you can no longer create custom blocks more than 1:1 due to “engine restrictions” that limit many creators and cause bugs that appear as update blocks or grass blocks. This is annoying, but do not worry, this add-on will break this limit and fix it. Below you will find some images and the way to download

Before adding update blocks

After adding update blocks

It is forbidden to put any link of your own or a mediafire link, only the link to this page


You have to apply it in the world in order for all the add-ons to work

How to download

creator: Creative Ritas




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