ReverseCrafts Addon

Did you do some craft that you shouldn’t?  Don’t worry, with this addon you can revert it!If the addon is not working, it is recommended to enable the experimental functions.


Use this addon to reverse crafts!  To do this just create the reverse recipe on the workbench.  All recipes can be found in the Crafts Recipe Book.

  • Crafting Table
  • Chest
  • Stick
  • Trapdoor
  • Bell

And many other recipes!  The addon also reverts crafts from other types of wood, such as jungle, acacia, or spruce, into their respective items.

If an item has more than one item type in the recipe, the item with the highest value will be given.

Can I use the addon on my map? 

Yes, but if you upload your map, don’t forget to credit the addon used. 

Can I modify the addon to create a new one? 


The addon is not working? 

Try enabling experimental features and make sure your game is at version 1.16 or higher. 

Where can I find the addon crafting recipes? 

All recipes are available in the Crafts Recipe Book, in your world.

Currently the addon only has a few recipes, more recipes will be added in the future!


Click on the mcworld file to start the automatic installation, if it doesn’t work, do the manual installation!

How to do manual installation? 

1. Open the “ReverseCrafts – Manual Installation” folder and select the “ReverseCraft_behavior_pack” file 

2. Select move option to choose destination 

3. Go to folder Android>data>com.mojang.minecraftpe>files>games>com.mojang>behavior_packs 

4. Move the file 

5. Open the “ReverseCrafts – Manual Installation” folder and select the “ReverseCraft_resource_pack” file 

6. Select move option to choose destination 

7. Go to folder Android>data>com.mojang.minecraftpe>files>games>com.mojang>resource_packs 

8. Move the file 

9. Ready!

creator: Gusta 23324585

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