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Revkan Furniture

Revkan Furniture add more than 25 interactive furniture pieces with customization of more than 16 colors, 9 types of wood, sounds and animations, new features are compatible with Survival world, believe me, you will like it


Well, now the new furniture has been added that comes with advanced features. This furniture does not focus only on the decoration, but rather on the interaction, which provides you with help to spend more adventures in Minecraft. It adds sounds and animations, and adds 16 colors and 9 types of wood, all of which are suitable for Minecraft on the one hand. Pattern and texture A video will be left showing the way to interact with the furniture and at the bottom you will find some explanation, method of downloading and pictures

A video explaining the interaction of furniture

revkan Furniture

  1. All furniture is a block, you can move it as you want
  2. Minecraft style is used in terms of interaction and texture
  3. Sounds and animation
  4. More than 16 colors and 9 types of wood

How to get furniture in Survival

The candle makes a sound. It also has animations, like the original candle. You can also add more than one candle. The more you add a candle, the light will increase, and you can also change the colors of the 16 colors by dyeing colors.

You can cook food by campfire first you need a lighter to turn on then you need a stick to add then you can put chicken or fish and then press to get food

You can interact with the well to get water, first you need a bucket, then add the empty bucket, then click to drop the bucket, and a bucket full of water will rise to you.

You can change the color of the sofa to 16 colors by dyeing the colors. Move away by 2 blocks to dye the approach by 2 blocks to sit. The same thing with the chairs. You can also make a sofa with the back you need.

You can interact with books, music player, fireplace, tables, chairs, sofas, light, candles, campfire, closet, I’m not going to explain everything you can watch the video

  • photo

You cannot put any link of your own or a link to mediafire, only the link to this page, otherwise you will force me to report

Note: I have published this furniture here and I am supposed to update it, but unfortunately there were a lot of errors and chaos, and for this I made the furniture from scratch. Yes, that is why I did not update it and added in the form of a new addition. I wish everyone a happy day


You must activate the experimental options or it will not work

You have to apply the update blocks for it to work, otherwise it will only show update blocks

How to download

creator: Creative Karis


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