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Bedrock Rex’s Biome Villages | 9 NEW Villages for Minecraft!

Rex’s Biome Villages | 9 NEW Villages for Minecraft!


In my opinion one of the best structures in Minecraft are the villages, they are great to find in survival, and they appear in almost all biomes, this addon expands that! adding more village variants for various biomes, along with new mobs and items

hello, i’m mr rex royal and i bring you another addon, this time one 100% focused on villages!!

Old west village

and let’s start with the wild west village that spawns in the mesa biome, here you can do a lot, like visit the great hall, sell your gold ores to the bank or work as a bounty hunter for the village sheriff

Bounty Hunter

throughout the desert you will find several bandits, and when you defeat them you can claim the reward for their capture with the sheriff

There are 3 levels of rewards:

  • level 1 reward = 10 emeralds 
  • level 2 reward = 25 emeralds 
  • level 3 reward = 45 emeralds

to get the level 3 reward you will need to defeat the bandit leader…

the bandit leader

he is the boss of this addon and appears in the bandit camp a structure that spawns in the mesa biome, it has 2 stages and has a medium difficulty level

the sheriff is the protector of the village and if he is defeated the village is destroyed, this addon also adds a cowboy hat that you keep dropping from bandits

city ​​of Atlantis

the village of atlantis appears in the ocean biomes, on the outside it is a shiny glass dome, but on the inside it is a real underwater metropolis, inhabited by the guardian golems (a type of aquatic iron golem) and the atlantean villagers (which are fish villagers)

new currency

Atlantean villagers have professions, and you can trade with them, but they don’t use the emerald as a currency, they use the Atlantean rari, and to get it you’ll have to go to the bank and exchange your emeralds for this new one coin

new items

By trading with Atlantean villagers you can get new items like…

  • enchanted book raffle:when using this item it will give you a random enchanted book
  • instant mining scroll:when using this item it will remove all nearby stones leaving exposed ores, great for mining diamonds!
  • summon guardian golem: summons a new guardian golem
  • necklace of atlantis, this item of water breathing in the player, and can be crafted at the workbench (useful for exploring an underwater city)

The King of Atlantis


when exploring the city an interesting place to visit is the palace of the king, where you will meet the king of atlantis, who has a special mission for you

The King of Atlantis is obsessed with a relic “The Poseidon Crystals” and will pay a high reward for them!

you find these crystals in oceanic temples (from minecraft itself) they drop from elder guardians

jungle village

this village appears in the jungle biome, and is protected by Aztec warriors, who use the mighty Aztec sword, which you can craft with wood and obsidian

the shaman

in the center of the village there is a temple, and in it you can find the Aztec shaman, who tricks the player, trading with him you can enchant his Aztec sword with the Aztec fury enchantment

this enchantment gives the ability to gain the effects of strength and resistance for a short period of time, so the player can deal great damage to enemies, but you are slow in the process and it lasts for a short time

mangrove village

this village appears in the mangrove and swamp biomes and is protected by village witches who trade with the player

elf village

this village appears in the birch forest biomes, and is protected by the elves and their wood golems

you can create the wand of nature on the workbench, it is deactivated, and to activate it you will have to negotiate with the elves, and then you will have the ability to summon your own wooden golems



more villages

the addon still has other villages that do not have new mobs and follow the minecraft pattern

primitive village

appears in the dark oak biome


village in ruins

appears in the taiga biome, and the best part is that a good part of this village is underground

coastal village

appears in river and beach biomes

mushroom village

it appears in the mushroom biome and is very rare, if you are lucky and find this village go to the fountain in the center of the village and drop an item, it will give you a lot of valuable ores

forward marauder post

appears in the savannah biome and is the improved version of pillager outpost


rings of power

this addon also adds 6 new rings with interesting abilities (like flying, setting fire to everything, stealing life from mobs, etc…) to get them in survival is difficult the first step is to go to the lower beds in search of …

new ore

platinum ore, and with it create the body of the ring (and yes with this new ore you can also create all variants of tools and armor)

the jewelry

now you just need to find the gems, they are found in the new villages of the addon (you can get them by trading with the villagers, finding them in chests or dropping them from some monsters…)

after finding 1 jewel, join it with the body on the workbench and take it to the…

the jeweler, this new villager appears in the new villages of the addon and can assemble the ring for you, after that you can use your new ring as many times as you want (they have no durability)


this addon is compatible with other addons but if you play it together with Rex Medieval Villagers…

you will be finding villager soldiers and mercenaries patrolling the new villages, plus more pillager soldiers at the pillager outpost


to play this addon activate experimental gameplays and education edition

the addon has been tested on the official 1.19.50


to learn more about this addon watch my video on youtube…


to follow the development of this and other addons subscribe to my youtube channel (in portuguese)


if you have problems getting through the link shortener visit…



(the site is easy to go through, just follow the step by step 🙂

my discord

sr rex royal#1521




download the addon in .mcaddon and just click on it and it will be imported automatically, but this may fail, in this case download in .zip and import it manually into the game, If you don’t know how to do this visit this link…

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLoP0MuJY7GkAZ8EVLI71BQ



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