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Bedrock Rings Of Love

Rings Of Love <3 | Functionals

There are many ways to express love in your relationship, you promise the stars, travel the world or etern love, but it doesn’t work like that because the eternity is a moment, this one!Enjoy playing and planning your Minecraft wedding <3If you are playing with your crush, maybe it's time to say the magic words ("I like you"), tell us in comments the complete gossip! (Advices count too)

Rings Of Love adds 24 different rings that allow you to express your feelings in your own way, there are 4 base rings and 5 decorative stones

All rings have a “heart power”, use the secundary/interaction button to find out


To craft a ring you need 4 ingots of the preferred material (copper, iron, gold or netherite)

To add a decorative stone to ring, you just have to put the mineral on crafting table with ring (redstone, lapis lazuli, quartz, emerald or diamond)

If you have doubts, the recipe is on crafting table on items category

You can put the rings on left hand


-If you are going to share the link, be sure that is the post link, you are not allowed to share the mediafire link since it is what supports me.

-You cannot post this addon on any other page or re-upload it

-If you are learning, you can view the content within the addon

-You can make youtube videos, but be sure to put the link to this post.


  1. Click the links
  2. Complete steps and download the addon
  3. Click on the download files and that’s it (;

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH371eoisG99ZI-NaCoIeeg


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