RMPlaysMC YT’s Aesthetic Funiture Addon


This Addon adds 14 kinds of Furnitures to your Minecraft world and suitable for city, creative and role-play maps which can be aesthetic or not as long as getting creative for it

This addon has 14 kinds of furnitures which soon will add more and it will be functional in the next update but now I’ll show you some furnitures that will be useful for decoration

  1. Bench
  2. Chair 1
  3. Fence 1
  4. Plushies 1 – 3
  5. Cabinet 1 – 2
  6. Small Table
  7. Sofa 1 -2
  8. Study Table
  9. Table

NOTE: There are some furnitures to be added on the next update and I hope you will enjoy this new series of my furniture addon. And here’s some snapshots about this addon


It was been tested on official and BETA Versions of Minecraft so there’s no worry 

Here’s the video:

Credits to Aguilesgamer on fence code based from his addon template pack


There are no changes and I hope you enjoy, there are issues? please let me know thanks


  1. Click The Link
  2. Follow the steps for 5 – 10 seconds the close
  3. Go to Download Page
  4. Install and apply to your own world or create a new one 
  5. Enjoy..

creator: https://www.twitter.com/rmplaysmc_yt


By aadhu

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