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Bedrock Robot Girls Addon

The animated series, “Bedrock Robot Girls ADDON” is a spinoff series of the hit show “Robot Girls Z”. This new spinoff follows the adventures of the robot girls as they work together to build their own custom robots.

The series is centered around a group of three teenage girls, each of whom has a unique set of skills, who have been chosen to join a secret organization known as the Bedrock Robotics. Their mission is to build a giant robotic army to protect their city.

The robot girls are armed with the latest technology, including AI-controlled robot suits, to fight against various mechanical foes. The robot girls also have their own custom robots to help them in their battles. Each robot is designed with a unique set of features and weapons.

The robot girls are determined to protect the city and create a better future with their robot creations. But they must also face the challenges and consequences of their actions.

The series features exciting action sequences and comedic moments, making it the perfect show for both young and old viewers.

The Bedrock Robot Girls ADDON series is now on the air, so be sure to tune in for more exciting episodes. The series offers an exciting and unique look into the world of robotics and the potential for us to use it to improve our lives.

Robot Girls Addon


Robot girls is an addon that adds various robots to accompany you on your adventures and you can have fun in your worlds. This addon adds 8 new entities to the game. These are the robot girls that can help you and follow you if you tame yourself 

You can tame them by giving them apples, cookies, diamonds, cake and they will keep you wherever you go. You can also leave them deleted and they will prevent you from continuing. This plugin is very useful if you feel very lonely while playing the game.



Health: 20 (30 if tamed)

Attack Damage: 3(6 if tamed)

Be tame with: Diamonds, Cookies, Cake, Apple


If you want to report any errors about the addon, join our discord there you can ask and you will have an answer as soon as possible. If you want to use the addon on your map or modify it, contact us by discord



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