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Hello everyone, my name is The Leaf. I’m proudly introducing to you my latest addon: the Romanov M1 SUV. Now you may wonder: what is this brand? Why have I never heard of it? Well, probably because it’s a fictional brand established by me – The Leaf. Its name is Romanov which is taken from Nikita Romanov The Leaf – the President who is me. 


The Car:

Speaking of the car, it’s the M1 Series of the Romanov brand. The M1 has two versions: the SUV ver and the Pickup ver.(though the Pickup version is still in development, I will post the SUV version first). This is an offroad car that capitalizes on the ability to go on any type of terrain: mountainous, snowy, desert, wood, etc.

The car is designed by The Leaf and is coded by ashminggu. Check out ashminggu’s contents, he’s a very friendly and helpful guy. Thank you so much ashminggu. Here is the first version of the car (not the final ver)

Features: Detailed Model, Animations, Sound Effects, and paint jobs.


I make the interior in a Minecraft-friend style, not too many details but also not too less. I specially added the led lights near the seats (red and greens color). Through this, I hope to help drivers on their journey.

Paint jobs:

For the paint jobs of this SUV, I tried to make it as suitable for the environment as possible. So here is it:










The installation of the addon is not that hard but in fact. The addon is divided into 2 files(behavior and resource pack) and is downloaded through linkvertise. But dont worry, I’ve made it the easiest way for you guys to install and support me by a download.

creator: TheLeaf2805



I updated the linkvertise links to only have Articles. And I also have divided it into behavior pack and resource pack since I see many people also do this.


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