Roti Addon V-1

Roti Addon Adds Some Food Items To The Game. This Is An Interesting Addon I Hope That You Will Like It. Mainly There Is Only One Food Item But To Craft It You Need To Craft Two Another Items Step By Step.


So There Are Three Items As We Discussed Above.

The First Item Is Dough, For Crafting It Just Place Wheat In Crafting Table Like This 

After Crafting Dough You Can Eat It But It Will Take A Little Time To Be Eaten And Fills Nearly Half Hunger Bar Only

The Second Item Is Raw Roti (Uncooked Chapatti)

To Craft It Just Place Dough In Crafting Table Or In Stonecutter Like This

Crafting Table



You Will Get 3 Uncooked Roti From 1 Dough, You Can Eat It But It Is Also Not A Good Food So Move On The Next Step And Cook It

The Third Is Cooked Roti

To Craft It Just Cook The Uncooked Roti Using Furnace Or Smoker Or Campfire.

Then Just Eat It And Enjoy Because One Roti Fills Upto 7 Hunger Bars And Can Be Eaten Very Fast

             Attention         You Can Review This Addon But If You Review This Mod Then Give The Link Of This Page With Credits                      Thanking You

Full Video On YouTube


  • Download Any One Of The File (Either Folder Zip Or Mcaddon Zip)
  • Now Extract The Zip File That You Downloaded
  • Now If You Download MCADDON File Then Watch This
  • Or If You Download Fodder Zip Then Just Copy And Paste The-
  1. Resource Pack Folder In /storage/emulated/0/games/com.mojang/resource_packs
  2. And Behaviour Pack Folder In /storage/emulated/0/games/com.mojang/behavior_packs
  • Enjoy The MOD!

By aadhu

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