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Bedrock RPG SWORD +++


There are a huge number of mods for Minecraft Bedrock, including many of the same type of mods for swords, which differ only in crafting and damage. Today I decided to fix this moment and created a mod for RPG swords.


All items in my mod have special properties, and there are also categories such as: legendary, epic, ordinary. a total of 5 types of one sword.

To start your development in this mod, you need to create a merchant.

if you want to bargain with him, I recommend that you stock up on diamonds and redstone.

Let’s start looking at each sword individually. Pilgrim’s sword has magic damage that passes through the armor, the higher the item’s rarity, the higher the damage. Please note the damage is not permanent but varies.

There is a cursed sword, the ability of this weapon is that with some chance it can impose negative effects on enemies. The higher the level of the item, the more chances to impose a curse on the enemy.

My favorite sword in this mod is the assassins sword. The ability of this weapon is that with some chance it deals 4000 damage to the enemy, ignoring armor. The higher the level of the sword, the greater the chances of delivering a fatal blow.

To level up your weapon, simply combine a special item with a sword.

To get an upgrade item, you need to buy it from a merchant.

You can watch more information on my channel, or on this video

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKJV7VXfA0NpWPSw0vIrdfQ


Download file.

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