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Bedrock Ruins Addon (Structure Spawning System) | v1.0.2 New Structure

Ruins Addon (Structure Spawning System) | v1.0.2 New Structure

Hello! Ruins mod is a famous structure mod, appearing a lot in famous modpacks like RLCraft, Hexxit …, it brings back a lot of nostalgia for me and many people. Today I decided to create a conversion Addon version from this mod, it will be very interesting.



Important info:-

If you want to use for your Addonpack, let me know.

You are not allowed to repost this addon on any other app or website.

For Content Creator’s :-

Feel free to use the addon on your content and credit me as the convert/remade.


Ruins Addon spawns Structures in your Minecraft worlds, similar to Villages and Strongholds.



•Addon adds a huge sense of adventure to Minecraft by putting in tons of randomly generated structures like houses, temples, and even castles in the sky.

•The sheer amount of ruins incredible and will never leave you bored. Every structure is detailed and has many different elements for you to explore.

•Some ruins can be dangerous or seemingly random…handle wisely!



Spawns in: desert 

(bury treasures and deadly traps)

Pirate ship 

Spawns in: ocean


Spawns in: ocean 

Abandoned farm 

Spawns in: plains, swamp

Water source 

Spawns in: Overworld 


Spawns in: anywhere in the world

                  Flying castle 

Spawns in: all marine biomes

             floating base 

Spawns in: all marine biomes

              temple ruins 

Spawns in: anywhere in the world

        Battle Tower Ruins 

Spawns in: anywhere in the world

             mineral ruins 

Spawns in: anywhere in the world

            volcanic ruins 

Spawns in: Plains


   Glowing Stone Dungeon 

Spawns in: anywhere in the world

  Ruins of Abandoned Well 

Spawns in: anywhere in the world

(There’s a reward at the bottom)

             The ruins are old 

Spawns in: anywhere in the world

I use the classic Resource pack to give it a nostalgic feel

*Structures will be updated further.

Thanks and Credits

thanks to original author: d00dv4d3r

Thanks to the maintainer:kolt666

Thanks to the next maintainer: AtomicStryker 

permission from AtomicStryker




Thanks to the community on Discord BedrockDev helped me in creating this Addon.



Hope everyone will rate and comment for me to develop this addon better.

Once again have a nice day everyone.


First version 1.0.2 (Beta)

Everyone can comment below to make the addon better.

-Add new structure 

+ Pyramids 

+ Pirate ship 

+ Aquarium 

+ Abandoned farm

+ And other ruins


Click the download link


Press the button “Free access with ads”


Press the “Discover interesting articles” button


Press the X button at the top right of the article window and wait 5 seconds.


Download mediafire files (remove old versions before installing newer ones)


Apply the behavior pack to your world 


creator: https://twitter.com/NQHung2004


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