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Bedrock Sammy’s Copper Golems

Sammy’s Copper Golems

Add Copper Golems and Copper Buttons into your world! Build a Copper Golem with a Copper Block, Carved Pumpkin, and Lightning Rod, then wait for lightning to strike to bring it to life!




Oxidized Copper Golems very rarely spawn inside Jungle Temples, but they can be spawned by building a structure that gets struck by lightning. With 1.18, the chance for thunderstorms no longer resets when sleeping through a clear sky night. If you still find thunderstorms to be too rare in your world, you can throw a Trident with Channeling enchantment whenever there is rain. (Note: It is ok if the Copper Block oxidizes, as long as it’s not Cut Copper or Waxed, the Golem will spawn when lightning strikes.)



Copper Golems will randomly press nearby Copper Buttons. (No other types of buttons)

Copper Buttons are crafted with 1 Cut Copper. (Note: Copper Buttons replace Acacia Buttons due to limitations. Trying to craft Acacia Buttons will craft an Oak Button instead)


Copper Golems have four stages of oxidation, just like Copper Blocks: Clean, Exposed, Weathered and Oxidized. At each stage, the Copper Golem will move slower, press Copper Buttons less often, and eventually when oxidized, become a motionless statue.

Oxidized Copper Golems have a random pose based on the X-Z coordinate of the block. In this state, they can be picked up by interacting with them, becoming an item that you can then place again.

Oxidation can be scraped off one layer at a time by using any Axe.

Unwaxed Copper Golems left out in thunderstorms can also be struck by lightning, which will clean off any and all oxidation.

Honeycomb (Wax) can be applied to prevent the oxidation process.

Wax can also be scraped off by using any Axe item.


If you feature this add-on in a video, please link back to this page and also paste the following in the description:

Sammy’s Copper Golem Add-on
Created by @samasaurus6 and @SixFootBlue


creator: https://twitter.com/samasaurus6


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