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sans is a skeleton that has very interesting and powerful powers, sans is originally from the famous game called undertale. soon there will be more updates and if you want leave me comments to add something you want me to put. please do not steal my addon or edit something to look like yours at least ask me for permission.


sans is a nice and lazy skeleton who loves ketchup and he has a brother that he may add in the future, sans is this addon has abilities like summoning sans gb around his target and bone around his target and in a straight line.

  • health: 500000
  • meleeattack: 6
  • rangedattack: 8


sans_gb is a skull that sans summons and it shoots a laser from its mouth at a great distance

  • health: 1000
  • attack: 8

bone (1 and 2)

bone has two variants one is bone1 it is a bone that gives a slow effect so great that its target is unable to move and bone2 is the same only that it gives levitation to the target

  1. bone1 [ attack: 8 (slowness) ]
  2. bone2 [ attack: 10 (levitation) ]




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