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Bedrock Scales and Feathers

Bedrock Scales and Feathers is a phenomenon that has recently come to the attention of zoologists and environmentalists. It is the idea that certain species of birds and animals rely on certain geological features such as large outcropping rocks and bedrock to feed on, breed and rest on. The concept of Bedrock Scales and Feathers presents an interesting dichotomy between the nonliving structure of the rocks and the living creatures that need it to survive.

Bedrock rocks are generally very large and are usually younger than other rock types outcropping nearby. They often form the foundation for cliff edges that have been worn down over time. The eroded cliff faces then accumulate various types of material, often providing gaps or “nooks” for birds and animals to make their homes.

Certain species of birds, rodents and small mammals depend on the cracks and crevices created by these rocks to find nesting materials as well as protection from predators. Furthermore, the bedrock itself offers a variety of food resources that the animals depend on, such as grains, invertebrates and algae.

In addition to the support that the rocks provide for various species, the presence of a particular type of plant, the suita, is often associated with the presence of bedrock. Suita includes a wide variety of species such as fir, spruce, larch and cedar that thrive on elevation shifts, soil moisture and other ecological factors related to the presence of bedrock.

The concept of Bedrock Scales and Feathers presents an interesting interplay between the nonliving environment and the living creatures that depend on them. It is believed that the presence of certain rock formations may even provide shelter to certain species, while at the same time providing a place to feed and breed.

Whether it is the scavenging rodents or the nesting birds, Bedrock Scales and Feathers is an example of how the environment that we have can benefit living creatures. Furthermore, it is important for us to understand the delicate balance between the rock formations and the animals that rely on them for survival. Only by understanding this balance can we ensure that future generations can enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty of the Bedrock Scales and Feathers phenomenon.

Scales and Feathers


Have you ever thought Minecraft didn’t have enough Reptilians and Avians? Have you ever thought Minecraft didn’t have enough mobs in general? If you said yes to the follow questions, Scales and Feathers is the perfect addon for you! We add a healthy amount of vanilla high quality modeled and animated mobs.

Developed by PriorMentation#6747, VoidedScale#0986, and azzymoof#2760

Every mob has custom or vanilla drops with unique behaviors and uses. You will find new mobs throughout your entire journey, Overworld to The End. With that out the way, let’s get into the new Mobs. 

Harpy Eagle

The Harpy Eagle is a bird of prey which inhabits the Meadows, Extreme Hills,  Snowy Peaks, and other cool temperature biomes. A fast and fierce predator with a set of sharp claws used to hold in their prey as they tear it apart. It Hunts Foxes and Rabbits. At death, it has a chance to drop a claw which can be crafted into The Claw Dagger, which has no special abilities for now.

Claw Dagger Recipe
The Warped Tainttaur

The Warped Tainttaur is a dangerous beast which wanders the Nether’s warped forest. Ancient Predator that lived with the sniffer, survived the extinction by escaping into nether portals by the ancient builders which today we know as “corrupted nether portals” have been through evolution to adapt the toxic wastelands of the nether. At death, it has a small chance to drop a tooth which can be crafted into The Pendant of The Nether, when used, it will give nether themed effects.

Pendant of The Nether Recipe

Geckos are small vertebrates that wonder around the jungle. At night their eyes glow which fill the Jungle nights with more ambience.  At death, they drop a gecko tail with can be brewed into a potion of leaping. 


Macaws are noisy Avians that spawn in the Jungle, They follow nearby mobs and players and annoy them with their obnoxious calls. They best be ware an Ocelot doesn’t sense them tho.


Alligators are dangerous predators found in rivers, lakes, and swamps. Peaceful at night due to their poor eyesight, they will tear anything in its path when it isn’t basking in the sun. After slaying the beast, it has a chance of dropping an Alligator Scute which can be crafted into an Alligator Chestplate! Which has no special abilities for now. 

Alligator Chestplate Recipe



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