Science fiction has often been associated with advancements in technology, including weaponry. In the realm of science-fiction, these weapons are often based on the concepts of weapons that could come true in the future. ‘Bedrock Sci-Fi Weapons’ by Sig sero Ac is a collection of these weapons and their possible uses.

The various weapons range from the ‘Spatial Compressor’ that can reduce distances in time and space, to the ‘Disruptor Beam’ which could be used to cause a lot of destruction. All of these weapons have been presented in a way that is easily understandable, with detailed descriptions of each device.

The information given about the weapons also includes their power sources, materials used, design and functionality. This makes it easy for readers to understand the potential use of each device. Each weapon is defined using scientific terms and principles, with the author’s knowledge and imagination used to create a more interesting solution.

The weapons have been presented in a variety of ways, from drawings to 3D models. This makes it easier for readers to imagine the weapons in use, as well as providing an insight into the various steps needed to create such a weapon.

In addition, the book also contains an important discussion of the ethical implications of weapon development. It suggests that this type of weapon could be beneficial if used responsibly, but could be a danger if used inappropriately.

Overall, ‘Bedrock Sci-Fi Weapons’ by Sig sero Ac is an interesting collection of weapons and presents readers with a great way to explore the world of science-fiction. With clear explanations and detailed diagrams, this book is an ideal resource for anyone looking to understand the potential of these advanced weapons.

Sci-Fi Weapons | by Sig sero Ac


Sci-fi weapons have been added to the game, guns with different characteristics and performance Can be used in multiplayer mode Suitable for duels Increase the challenge with the weapon of your choice 

Different details of each weapon New weapons will be added in the future or the effectiveness of new weapons may change over time 


Name : nightingle



Type: semi Sniper 

Damage: high

Rate of fire : low


Name : Stingray





Type : effect gun 

Damage : moderate 

Rate of fire : moderate 


Name : Telon 





Type : Bomb launcher 

Damage: very high

Rate of fire : very low


Name : Hellfrem





Type : Auto gun

Damage : moderate

Rate of fire : high


Name : spear 



Type : auto gun 

Damage : very hight 

Rate of fire : low 


Name : Vellin




Type : auto gun 

Damage : low 

Rate of fire : high








Click Open File and select Open in Minecraft 

Add addons to your map. Enable map settings to support the use of add-ons 

Enjoy with the add-on



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