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Bedrock Scythe Addon •|Neo|•

Scythe Addon •|Neo|•


Are you also tired of only using swords in your Minecraft?  Well, I don’t, but even so, I was always curious about what it was like if I had several weapons, I’ve downloaded several addons looking for new weapons and they’re all great, but I always lacked one thing, Scythes, who doesn’t love Scythes?  That’s why I decided to make my own (ramake of an old one that crashed and I lost the files)

This addon adds, as the name says, Scythes to your world, they will not replace the sword, they will only be a 2nd option for you who are tired of using swords, of course I added a few more Scythes, but my favouritism does not spoil the your experience 🙂 

Here we can find: 

|Wood Scythe:

•Damage= 5 


|Stone scythe:

•Damage= 6 


|Iron scythe:

•Damage= 7 


|Diamond Scythe:

•Damage= 8 


|Golden Scythe:

•Damage= 5 


|Netherite Scythe:

•Damage= 9 


And in addition to these we have the special Scythes with special effects made from the most ignored miners: 


|Copper sickle:

•Damage= 5.5

For a metal as ignored as he who lives in the shadow of others, it’s good to see in the dark 


|Amethyst Scythe:

•Damage= 5.5

A rather special mineral since it creates a fortress around it it has resistance


|Lapis Lazuli Scythe:


A blue ore that guides experience to its tools as a river guides its fish with its currents 


|RedStone Scythe:


A miner who shapes the construction of many systems, as an ember shapes the metals in the construction of tools. 


|Emerald Scythe:




creator: Zebraldo.inc




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