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Scythe AntiCheat

Scythe AntiCheat is an anticheat addon to protect your realms and worlds from hacks and dangerous exploits such as CBE. It has 12 checks to make sure no hackers can destroy your realm


Scythe AntiCheat is an anticheat that doesn’t annoy you with bugs and glitches. It has been under development for over a year with 12 checks. 

Custom Commands

To recieve anti-cheat alerts use: “`/function notify“`

To ban a user use: “`/execute <playername> ~~~ function ban“`

To freeze a player use: “`/execute <playername> ~~~ function tools/freeze“`

To enter Vanish use: “`/function tools/vanish“`

To be able to fly in survival mode use: “`/function tools/fly“`

To view a players anticheat logs use: “`/execute <playername> ~~~ function tools/stats“`

Additionally, there are custom features you can enable like anti gamemode change to further enhance your realm security, these options can be used by /function settings/

Hacked Detected By Scythe AntiCheat

  AutoClicker -><br />
     (A) = Checks how much left clicks the player sends
  BadPackets -><br />
     (1) = Checks if the players yaw/pitch is greater than normal
  Command Block Exploit -><br />
     (A) = Clears animal buckets/beehives<br />
     (B) = Replaces beehives with air<br />
     (C) = Kill all command block minecarts<br />
     (D) = Kills all NPC’s (to disable use /function settings/npc)<br />
     (E) = Instant despawn time for command block minecarts<br />

 Ender Pearl Glitching -><br />
     (A) => Checks if an ender pearl is inside a climbable block.

 Illegal Items -><br />
     (A) => Clears illegal items from everybody’s inventories.<br />
     (B) => Clears dropped items.
 InteractUse -><br />
     (A) => Checks if a player is using an item white hitting/interacting with items

 Jesus -><br />
     (A) => Checks if the player is above water/lava blocks.

 Phase -><br />
     (A) => Detect if someone moves inside a block



To install this anticheat to your realm/world you need to install the .mcpack and apply it to your world and it should be fully up and running! Note: future versions may require you to enable the “GameTest Framework”


Certain optional features like deny gamemode 1 can be enabled by /function settings/<function name>

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyF81DXKfsncZ4_a7iVrehQ



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