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Bedrock Scythes: New Minecraft Tool Type

Scythes: New Minecraft Tool Type

Harvesting crops can be a task when you have to break every one by hand and then replant one at a time. This Addon aims to fix this by adding in Scythes as a new craft able tool type which lets you harvest crops without the need to replant!


With this addon you are able to craft a scythe for each in game material type and they will allow you to harvest crops without the need to replant. This works on all vanilla crop blocks wheat, carrots, beetroot, potato, and nether wart. 


Each tools crafting recipe can be found by searching for scythe in a crafting table

How to use

Using the Scythes is simple all you have to do is use the appropriate use button for your device on a crop and it will harvest it and replant automatically. 


Wooden through Iron Scythes will harvest one block at a time while golden through netherite will harvests more blocks at once.

Diamond harvests 3x

Golden harvests 5x but has little durability

Netherite harvests 5x

Known Problems

  • Currently tools will lose durability when used on any block in the game. To avoid this try to only use the tools on crop blocks to avoid unnecessary durability usage.
  • Tools currently are not enchantable due to bug with some enchants on custom tools




This page is the only official page for this addon and if making a video or showcasing you must link back to this page.


How to download

  1. Click the Download Scythes V1 
  2. You will be taken to Linkvertise, Click Free Access with ads
  3. Click discover interesting articles and wait a few seconds then click the X.
  4. Click Continue to be taken to mediafire download.

creator: https://twitter.com/Mc77Rivers


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