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Bedrock Seasons Addon for Bedrock Edition

Seasons Addon for Bedrock Edition

Have you ever wanted to make it snow in your entire Minecraft world, or wanted to change the overall climate. Unlike most seasons addons for Minecraft bedrock, this one alters the climate and temperatures of every biome depending on the season you choose. 


Early Spring: Climate is slightly colder then default. Snow will fall in all spruce and mountain biomes, including the non-snowy ones.  Snow will transition to rain at the lower altitude in the temperate biomes, such as Forest and Plains.


Late Spring: Not much to say here, this is the default temperature and climate in the game.


Summer: Slightly warmer climate then default, rain will fall in all snow biomes, except mountain tops will remain snowy. Grass is more green and vibrant, rainfall is slightly heavier.


Early Autumn: Default climate, but there is an Optional Resource Pack that adds fall like color to the trees in your world.


Late Autumn: Climate is the same as Early Spring, but there is an Optional Resource Pack that further deepens the fall like colors.


Winter: Much colder temperatures then default. Snow will fall in all biomes except for Warm Ocean, Desert, Jungle, Mesa, and Savannah. All bodies of water will begin to freeze over except for those in the warmer biomes.


Mid Winter: Snow will fall in ALL biomes, including the warm ones listed above.  All oceans will freeze over and snowfall is slightly heavier.


  1. Implemented the new 1.18 Biomes
  2. Fixed an issue that caused the Nether and End to generate with stone.


  1. Download the Addon and import it into your game, all the Behavior Packs and Resource Packs should import.

  2. Create a new world, or open an             existing world, MAKE A BACKUP, make sure that both “Vanilla Experiments” and “Creation of Custom Biomes” are enabled in the Experiments section of your world settings.

  3. Under the Behavior Packs section, select the Season you want, and enable the corresponding Optional Resource Pack if you wish, then create/open the world.

  4. To switch to a different Season, disable the current Behavior Pack and Resource Pack, and enable a different Season if your choice.


I Cannot Stress Enough, backup your worlds before using these packs, Simply changing the Season from Winter to Summer will not get rid of all the Snow and Ice in your world. The snow will eventually melt but the ice is there to stay.  I am currently looking for a workaround. 

creator: MCStorm


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