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Hey guys, welcome to another addons, this addon is a port of a Minecraft Java Mod. According to the original license it is possible to recreate this mod on other platforms. More information here:  Original mod link: : #license This addon add you a lot of things for your security, turrets, cameras, drones, etc… So we’ll see that now, ready for a new experience?  

License Permission






To start, we need to craft the security table, with this table we can craft all the things of the addon. Here u can see how to craft the table.


This if a very important item to own things, like chest, turret, etc, so to craft this we need this materials:

We’ll use that in a moment.

Reinforced Chest & Reinforced Chest (Keypad)

We have 2 type of chest, the first is the normal chest (Reinforced Chest)

We have the small and the big chest, this chest need to be tamed first, so, for tame tis type of chest, u need to use the padlock

Like a Wolf, so, after that now u can use the chest 😀

This chest can’t be openned by another user, only u.

Here is the size of the small chest:

And here the size of the big chest:

To craft the small reinforced chest u need this materials:

And for the big one u just need 2 of this small chests

Perfect, now u know how works the normal chest, now we need to learn about the chest with a keypad. With the keypad, u can add a password/keycode to open it. There are 2 sizes, like the normal chests, but for now which one it’s the chest with the keypad, u just need to see the item texture or the chest texture.

The chest in the right it’s a chest with a keypad. So now u can recognize which one is it.

To add a keycode to the chest, u need to interact with the chest, after interacting, u will see that screen:

Here u need to put ur password or keycode, if u already put it, now u select the button “Submit”.

After putting the keycode, u will see in the chat “KeyCode Added”, so now u can use the chest, in my case my password is keycodeTest. Interact again and put the code:


U submit and that’s it, u can open the chest.

After unlocking the chest, the chest will be closed after 5 sec, so any people can open after locked again. If anyone want to open ur chest, they need the password to open it. Ah, i forgot to say this, if u put a wrong password, u will see that:

So, don’t forget ur password never.

For the big chest, is the same thing, like the small reinforced chest with keypad, for this chests u need padlocks.

To craft the chest with a keypad u just need to use the normal chest with a keypad:

And for the big is like this:



To craft the keypad to use with the chest or a door, u need this materials:

By this way u can craft a keypad, so u can use it with a chest, or a door, i will explain that.


The scanner it’s a block who can scan ur face and check if it’s the owner or not, for craft this, u need to use this materials:

So we will use that now to explain how works, also for the keypad.


Reinforced Door


The door récipe it’s like this, so it’s like a vanilla door, but, it doesn’t work with redstone, it works with the scanner and keypad, so, now we’ll see how works with the keypad and scanner


How works the scanner and the keypad with the door

There are 2 ways to use, like in this screenshot

If u want to use the scanner, u need to tame the scanner with a padlock:


And now that’s it, now if ur nearby of the scanner, the door will be openned, and it works only if the player it’s the owner of the scanner.

Now for the keypad it’s the SAME way, like a reinforced chest with a keypad, because it’s the same thing.

First u add ur password/keycode

After put it, u just need to put again the password to open the door

Same thing, after 5 seconds, u need to add again the password/keycode to open it again. (The doors close automatically)


Security Camera


For this, we need 2 items, the camera and the Tablet, so we need to craft it.

So now, we can use the camera!


First we need to put a camera where we want.

In my case, i’ll put here my cameras. First we need to interact with the camera:

After that, u need to put a name of ur camera, like: “My room” (u can put anything BUT you can’t put another camera with the same name, same for mines and drones)


So u submit and that’s it, now use the Tablet.

Here we have 4 options

  • Camera: To see my own cameras
  • Drone: To see the camera of the drone and control it
  • Remove: To remove an specific camera
  • Remove All: Well, u know how works

We’ll use the first option, after choosing the first option, u will see that:


In this case, i have only 1, so my camera it’s “my room”, u choose the camera and u submit.

Now i can see my self :D, and with that u can spy ur friends.

If u are in a camera and u use the Tablet again, u will see that:

The first and second button it’s only to change to another camera or a drone, but RETURN button it’s for stoping to see the camera, so if u want to stop, u click on return.

If i have more than 1 camera, u can choose like a list:

Remember, the number of cameras are unlimited.


If u want to remove a camera, u select this option:

And that’s it, u select only which camera u want to remove, in my case when i’ll remove the camera “my room” the camera will be dropped, like this:


But if u want to remove all the cameras, u select “Remove all”

Yup, ur cameras only works for u, so the other players can’t remove and can’t use it.



For the drone it’s very similar to the camera, u put the name of the drone and that’s it.

Using the Tablet we can control it:

When u start using the drone, u will see this on the chat:

So if u want to fly, u just look up, if don’t want to move, u sneak, and for descend u look down. Probably the first time it will be hard, but it’s really easy, trust me.

Now we have turret and module, so, to start, we’ll put the turret on the floor:

After that u need to tame it with a padlock:

After taming, u will see that screen, interacting with ur turret u can make settings on it


  • Power On
  • Power Off
  • Attack Only Monsters
  • Attack Only Players
  • Attack All (players and monsters)
  • Remove Turret


Power On:


Power Off:


Attacking Mobs:


And it’s the same thing for the turret, the number of turret it’s unlimited, so go protect ur house with this 😀


Now if u want to control all the turrets, u need to use the turret module:

There are the same option but for all ur turrets. Also u can remove all.

So to explain better, if u want to change the setting of one of this, u need to interact with the turret, if u want to change the settings of all ur turrets, u use the module.



So now we’ll start with the “Mine Injector”. This mines are invisible and can’t be removed after placed, so, be careful.

They are literally invisible

If ur nearby of the mine, boom!

This mines are not controlable by the “Remote Module”


If u want to control ur mines, u need to use the normal Mine

It’s like the cameras, u need to put the name of the mine, but, stay at least 3 blocks from the mine, or it will explode.

In my case i’ll put “my first mine”.

After that, ur mine now are controlable, so u can use the Remote module to access it.

So, like the cameras, u know 😀

Unlimited mines of course.

Extra things

Here we have “Block Reinforcer”, “Block Remover” and “Night Glasses”

With the night glasses we have “Unlimited night visión”


With the block reinforcer we can reinforce blocks, u can reinforce a lot of blocks, but nota ll, i need to add the rest, so for now u need to wait, i need to add more D:

It’s ez to use, u just need to use it on a block:

So that blocks now are mine, any people can remove it, only me, and same for remove it, only the owner can remove it.

To remove ur blocks, u need to use the block remover on the blocks:

And that’s it, now u have reinforced blocks. (Also the blocks resist explosions)


How to remove “Chests”, “Scanner”, “Keypad”,  “Drone” and “Doors”

So now, we know about the block remover, with the block remover we can remove it.



For the normal chests, u need to be the owner if u want to remove it

For the chests with keypad u need first to unlock it

If the chest is open, u have 5 seconds to remove it, so use the remover after unlocked it.

Scanners, keypads and doors


If u want to remove the door, u need a scanner or a keypad.

If ur using a scanner and u already tamed the scanner, u can use the block remover on the scanner:

After removing the scanner, the door will be dropped (Only the owner can remove it if it’s a scanner)


For the keypad it’s like the chest with a keypad, the keypad need to be unlocked to be removed, so, after unlocking the keypad, u have 5 seconds to remove it.



Finally for the drone, the need should be have already his name, so if ur drone it’s already yours, u only need  to sneak and interact with it, but the remover in this case it’s not neccessary:

That’s all for now 😀

See u in the next version.

Very old video and very old version but they are very similar:


  • Optimization
  • 1.20.40 Support
  • Bugs fixed
  • New reinforced blocks


For the next update, i’ll add all the vanilla blocks reinforced


Download the “RP” and “BP” files, after that you should open the files with the game application, and it would be in your game.



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