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Bedrock Seed Ore

Seed Ore


Ore seed addon, harvest diamonds on your farm! Or how about emeralds, gold and iron? It also adds a new ore, and a new trade mobs, the Seed Trader, he appears throughout your world.

Addon made by a Brazilian, non-profit.🇧🇷

First of all, get silver, it’s not too hard to find, it can be used as a currency, with the seed merchant (he appears in the nether, swamp etc), then you get magic seeds and with them, ore seeds. You can also make silver tools.

seed merchant

plant the seeds (it is recommended to use bone meal) they will drop nuggets and more seeds, with nine nuggets they make the ore.

All itens

creator: https://twitter.com/RafaelsRFS


Enable all experiments except update ones, ignore warnings.



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