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Bedrock Shadow’s of Old Addon-BETA V1.0

Shadow’s of Old Addon-BETA V1.0

In the Overland’s Across time, At night when the moon rose at mid. The Queen rose to dominance. And a great war commenced. Thee Demigods fell and so did, Their Kingdom’s…Thee old world, Was Broken, Torn, Tarnished to die. And so, the balance, Was Ye Shattered….But, Now, Rise Ye Fallen one rise from thine grave…To put an end, to thine nightmare. Go, Chosen Fallen one, Go now……..Protect Ye self from the faces of danger for thine lurks, around every corner…And protect Ye self in this new, world…..For Thee old world, shall, Have new, beginnings.


“Awaken thy Fallen one…”

Just a quick note: This Addon can be very punishing,  so please remember not to rage!Remember this addon is inspired by Souls series. So you may die a lot.

I am introducing an addon that completely revamps minecraft’s biomes, textures and mobs, turning it into a souls-like game with challenging bosses and dungeons to test your skill and extra thinking, to unique weponery, 

V1 Version

IMPORTANT NOTE: Custom Biomes will not generate in 1.18, So the best i can do is add structures to different biomes, for now.

“When the Queen Corrupted the Demi’s the world fell into Destruction”


Upcoming mob:Void beast

“An Unknown Celestial being made of pure void, all i know is…Do not dare look at it in the eye’s”


Drops:Void Pearl


Location:Anywhere, Underworld, The void, ???.

Guide:A Terrifying Creature that spawns rarely, in any biome or location, or dimension, Looking at it in the eyes, will cause it to open its wide jaw-like mouth creating a screeching and running at you at alarming speeds. It may also teleport at times, meaning they can attack behind you.


Lore:Whatever it was, wherever it came from, no one knows how it came to the world, Some say through the void, or Darkness, or the abyss, Some say however, it came from an ancient god, wherever it is this Ominous Being can appear in almost any world, even the overland’s.

Phantom Rider

“Riders of the night-sky who flew across the sky Accompanied by Screeching howling demons of Terror”


Drops: 1x Bow Rare, Phantom Cloak: Extremely Rare

Location:The Overlands at night time


Guide:While having very low hp, Phantom Riders can easily corner you, Not only are phantom riders strong, they also carry strong bows with them, sometimes even enchanted, Not only that, but once the Phantom Rider’s are gone, then you have to deal with the Phantom’s swooping down at you, best way to kill these terrifying things is to…of course.. bring a bow with at least 23 arrows or more.

Lore:Every 4 nights, a terror appears in the night sky, hunting and scavenging for its victims to consume, While Humans on the other hand are different, when a human dies, to a Phantom, There body decays Extremely quickly, However, After a short amount of time, the skeleton will then turn alive, by the Phantoms Death-like Magic, The phantom will then find the victim its killed, and return to them By Accompanying them, If the Skeleton Refuses, then the phantom will proceed to Eat the living skeleton.

Upcoming:Armored Wither Skeleton

“A Undead Knight of death and decay, this time however, it brought defense with it”


Drops: 2x Wither Bone, 1x iron sword: Rare Any netherite armor piece:Extremely rare

Location:Underworld, Fortress


Guide:This is the same wither skeleton however this time, it has a little bit more defense and health, it also takes less knockback.

Lore:During the great battle with the Overland, and the underworld, The Kings and lords who ruled the underworld, and Gave their knights their best armor, Forged from The great lakes of the Underworld, The Rulers Armored their knights with  unique armor. After the great war, the knights still live on, however, Today, The knights are aggressive and much more hostile due to the loss of their ruler, they know will attack anything that comes near their fortress.


“A Horrible Demonic entity, whose sole purpose is to want one thing, Flesh!.”


Drops: 1x Skull:Very rare,2x Demonic Essence

Biome:Valley of the Damned, Roofed Forest, Soulsand Valley.

Guide: These entities….ARE TERRIFYING!,And why? Well it’s because they move very quickly, and have a pretty Scary Ambience, They can catch up to you pretty quickly, so my advice is to bring a sword and shield, and if your low on health bring an ender pearl, To teleport far away, from these terrors, your pretty much screwed if you don’t have an ender pearl if your in the soulsand valley or the valley of the damned for that matter.

Lore:It is said that horrible monsters live in the Darkness of the roofed forest, However something else lives here, something much, much, more sinister.During the age of The demiwar Souls during the ages of the war, were thrown into the underworld, To survive their forever, while some escaped the underworld, The souls who did fled into the Overland’s were stopped by something Otherworldly and more sinister than that of the Demons who lived in the underworld, yet they could not go home since there was nothing but ruins there after years of being attacked by vicious demons. They had no choice, The creature slowly and steadily started to attack one by one The souls, Some were thrown back into the underworld, Others, however, ran, ran into the darkness of the woods, were They would hide, and only eat the berries that rarely would grow, over the years, the souls could not go future into the world, since all of it was but ruins, And so after months, the souls body started to decay due to the Queen Causing a great and sinister corruption in the Roofed forest almost as if she was aware of what was happening., their minds maddening, and their eyes blackened into darkness with only little to no eyes, their body started to Take on an Dead skeleton like form, They began to grow aggressive and vicious and would hunt and eat anything that came in their path, And so after months, the Souls were no more, but instead a Decayed Mindless spirit of what it once was, now that you have arrived Fallen one, please put these, mindless spirits to rest. 

Upcoming mob:The Wanderer

“Something Horrible, Dwells in the forest’s”


Drops: 1x Death

Biome:Forest’s, underground.

Guide:While being a very rare occurrence, this entity is the most terrifying thing you can come across in the game. Once this monster appears, RUN!!!!!this mob, at first, will look not move, but instead stare at you while your walking in the Forest’s at night time, this mob even has a chance to spawn underground, So how do you avoid it, Well JUST RUN!!!!! But oh he can teleport behind you and once he touches you, That’s it you’re dead!, Ok but there are some ways to cheese this mob 

Bow and arrow, This Strategy is good, however he can teleport at times when he is hit by an arrow And just remember that if he touches you, then say hello to the You died Screen.



Lore: Unknown


Upcoming mob:Lost Soul

“These poor souls, who were Killed in the great war, now suffer for an eternity in the underworld, For now, But some however, have Escaped The horrors that dwell down there.”


Drops: 1x Soul

Biome: SoulSand valley, Plains (Night time). Roofed forest, Valley of the Damned

Guide:Lost souls are neutral and don’t attack the player, unless the player attacks them, now the reason why you might wanna hunt one is because of soul’s which can be used to craft some pretty good Gear and weapons. Lost souls don’t move too fast, but they can be a little tricky to kill due to the fact that they can phase through walls, which makes them a little hard.

Lore:The dead, it is the most forbidden secret of the overland’s, while this secret has already been Shattered. Spirits that were once humans, knights, lords, kings, lurk in the Grassy ruins of the plains, in the woods that cover the sunlight, in the Valley of Hell on earth, some however, live in the bottom of the underworld, while some have managed to escape into the overland’s, lurking in the shadows of ruins were they dwell at. These poor souls, were thrown into the underworld during the great battle between the Demigods, and the queen, These poor souls were left to survive in the fiery land of the underworld, but some however have managed to escape the fiery landscape, And to this day, These beings dwell in the Grassy landscape of the Shadows of the night, Waiting eagerly for someone to Join them. Do not Dare to dwell in the plains of night time in the ruins, For you may become an Eye for them.

Soul Furnace

“A terrible Monstrosity powered by the flame of Tormented, lost souls.”

Can only be spawned in creative mode, for now

Health: 231

Drops: 4xDeepslate, 2x Soul Fragment

Biome:The underworld

Location: Underworld Fortress, Tunnel of Despair

Guide:Soul Furnaces’ Are tough and terrifying, They run at you pretty fast, they are like iron golems they punch you in the air, and land you pretty hard, Best advice if you see one, is to use a bow, not flame since these Beast’s are flame resistant.

Lore:Soul furnaces were not always soul furnaces, they used to be iron golems, who helped Villagers, they also were guardians of the Gates to the heavens, However during the great war of the demigods. When the Underworld invaded these protectful beasts were captured and turned into something, Far worse. The demons took apart the golems, and Used the deepslate by forging them with souls and a furnace together, their result was something Absolutely horrific. A tall Stone like creature with teeth sharp enough to pierce through flesh, and inside of its bottom was a furnace a way to capture Tormented Souls who try to escape. Forcing them inside there, as they howl in agony inside the flaming blue Hot flame. Do not dare to go face to face with these creatures, as you might be next in the line inside.




“A Sword that was used for Slaying purposes during the great war, its tip was used for piercing through thick armor some say its heat from the volcano’s of irin can still be felt when welding it.”


Durability:78 “Extremely Strong”


Drops from:Alhere Warrior of courage, 

NOTE:alhere isn’t out yet, so you’ll have to get it by creative mode, There is no crafting for this sword


Effects: Strength I

Repair requirements: Darksteel, Witchblood, Magma block

Lore:The warsword is a very strong sword made of darksteel and Enhanced with witchcraft. The tip of the sword is used for piercing apart Even the thickest of armors, it was forged by the blacksmiths at the scorching lands of mount irin in the volcano of Irin using the molten magma and dark iron, at the center of the volcano. The sword was meant to be much bigger, however an accident occured when half the sword was dropped into the center of the volcano, the Fragments sank below the lava and the sword that it could have been, was lost forever, however there was hope, they used the rest of the iron and forged the sword, after the sword was forged, there was only one thing left to do, to enhance it, and so they went into the Witches Citadel, The witches happily agreed to make the sword more stronger, and they did by using the power of witchcraft at their hands, the witch mages forged an even stronger variant of it by their powers. Eventually during the great war between the demigods, the queen gifted Alhere the sword to use in battle, and thus the sword smite ,slaughtered and pierced through the thicket’s armor during the great war. While the sword has not been  forged in its full potential, its fragments could still be down at the center of the volcano.


Great Blade of Alfwaerd

“A Cunning Edge Superior blade, used by the Liaison of the northern forest”


Durbality:23 “Good”


Drops: Alfwaerd, Liaison of the garden


Effects: Jump boost I

Repair Requirements: Corrupt Jadestone Fragment, Living Vine, stick

Jadestone Greatsword


“A Large Thick Blade, with Special healing properties, it is said to have been forged inside great tree’s during the old times.”


Durability:45 ”Strong”


Effect:Regeneration I, ½ of an extra heart container.

Weapon type: Greatsword

Attack type:None




Craftable Upgrade with Corrupted Jadestone

Can be Repaired with Jadestone

Can be used for crafting Corrupted Jadestone Greatsword

Can be Enchanted for Melee weapons 

Can be A companion with charm of healing, jadestone Necklace



Fire Aspect I, Fire Aspect II, 

Effect: Burning

Damage:  24+ Burning, 27+ Burning

Bane of Arthropods I, Bane of Arthropods II, Bane of Arthropods III, Bane of Arthropods IV, Bane of Arthropods V


Damage:   22+Slowness,              22+Slowness,                23+ Slowness,               23+ Slowness+                24+ Slowness+-

Sharpness I, Sharpness II, Sharpness III, Sharpness IV, Sharpness V


Damage:  23 Damage,  24 Damage,  24/2 Damage, 24/5 Damage, 25 Damage

Smite I, Smite II, Smite III


Damage:   24,       25,          26


Deeprock Greatsword

“A Large Heavy sword forged under the overlands, Deep in the Wide gaping Treacherous Caverns of the Deep, however the sword has been lost for Centuries, and only one way to revive it, is to know its Backstory. Due to its Rare materials, it may slow your combat down.”


Durability:56 “Very strong”


Effect: Slowness

Weapon type:Greatsword

Attack Type:None




Craftable upgrade with Sculk Heart

Can be Repaired with Deepslate bricks

Can be used for crafting Sculk Greatsword


Bosses for now:

Eadmer, Baron of Punishment

“The war which led to thee demise of many, may still leave thine traces of what once thou was!”

“A Punisher of The damned, who guards the tower of the wicked”


Drops:Iron x3 2x Darksteel common. Iron heart, 1x RARE

Can only be spawned in creative mode for now.


Guide:Eadmer baron of punishment isn’t that difficult as a first game boss, he usually will throw blocks at you however he can also run at you pretty fast, at deal some pretty fair damage, over all he shouldn’t be that hard to early game players, especially if early game players already have resistance potions then this boss will be cleared out in no time.

Spawns:Fort of The Damned WIP

Biome:Valley Of the Damned 

Lore:During the great war between the demi-gods and the overland’s, at the high peak of a Tower used for punishment of the wicked, there stood a mighty Golem forged from Dark iron and steel, Its sole purpose was to not let anyone escape the Fort, and even if they did the golem was strong enough to pick up the A large amount of hard dirt and could throw it miles away killing the Person who escaped.


Alfwaerd, Liaison of the Garden

“The Skeletal Remains of a Lost Guardian, who once guarded the northern forest’s. And. Yet to this very day, This very day. this being still lives but in a more, Skeletal and monstrous form of what it once was.”

“Pelase, put an end to this Monstrosity, and send it back to the gardens from which thee came.”


Drops:Vines x4, Moss x6,  1x Great blade of Alfwaerd:Very-Rare


Guide: Alfwaerd, Liaison of the Garden can be a very stressful fight, He may go soft at the beginning but once you stay there long enough, that’s when the real fight picks up he is a pretty long boss fight, he will run at you with a big blade, that does pretty decent damage he can also be pretty fast on feet, so you may wanna bring a Swiftness 2 or 1 potion with you, he can also summon Overgrown knights, so watch out for those since if enough of Overgrown Knights block you, they can end the battle very fast. A good Strategy for this boss fight is well. KEEP RUNNING! And hitting, and if he does summon the Overgrown knights, make sure to have splash potions of harming and poison.

Spawns:Overgrown Palace



Storyline based:No

Lore:Before the Great War between the demi-gods, Lords,kings,Guardians of Many kinds ruled the Lands of the Overland’s, one onced lived as a Protector of the forest as an overseer of the northern forest of Alfwaerd, watching over this land was his main purpose over time, The liaison would create a great palace to be worshiped by many of the folks who lived in the northern forest, however over time The liaison grew tiresome of its worshippers and decided to To become a follower and servant of The Queen, after his Decision The liaison became a force of evil, he began to attack the civilians that lived in the forest by the help of the queen, the queen decided to create an army for The liaison. An army of overgrown knights corrupted by the Queen’s Dark Power, and thus they attacked, slaughtered,burnt their houses down to ash, and slaughtered them mercilessly. During these times, the Northern forest became inaccessible, Thousands died trying to enter the forest due to the queen’s dark magic and the overgrown knights capturing them and killing them, However when the demi-gods became corrupted by the queen’s dark power’s and Attacked The overland’s, The Rain of terror The Liaison caused was no more, the Liasion fought to the bitter end to protect his home, but once the Queen arrived, she was Very Disappointed in The Liasion, and as punishment, The Queen Corrupted him, Altering his body into a skeletal monstosity of overgrown vines, and moss, And so after the great war the Laison became a mindless skeletal monstrosity of what it once was overgrown by dark magic.

UPCOMING:Alhhere, Warrior of Courage

“The Queen’s 4th most noble warrior, a very cunning Foe.”


Drops: 1x Warsword



Location:Yric Castle


Storyline based: Yes

Guide: Your 1st hard challenge this guy…., ok seriously, this guy is HARD!But his drop is worth it!. Now to face this guy, You better have good gear and weapons, this guy will also move Extremely fast by teleporting away, he can also summon 3 wither skeletons so be aware of that. Of course getting to this guy is hard since he is found in Yric Castle, At the top which is filled with deadly mobs to get past, some of them could even kill you in about 2 to 3 hits making yric castle, another one of the most challenging castle’s, but that’s not even the end of The castle’s,dungeons, because once you beat yric castle, that’s when the real game begins, you may get a really good sword, but the enemies Become stronger than before, but the good news is that new locations and biomes are now accessible.

Lore:Before the great war, the queen had 4 Great warriors, one of them was Alhere. Alhhere was A strong warrior who was gifted the Warsword during the great war between the demigods and the underworld. Alhhere then began his first quest, and that was to kill the king of Yric Castle. After a long day of traveling, Alhhere killed almost every single guard that was inside the castle including some of the strongest enemies in the overland’s which were kept at the bottom of the castle. Adhere, at the end of the castle, burst through the throne room and dived his sword right into The king of Yric’s Castle Chests. Since the blade was enhanced with witchcraft, over time the king started to decay into a living rotten monstrosity. When Alherre came back to the queen’s Castle, he was too late; the war between the demigods had already begun. The Queen ordered alhere To Stay at the fortress and watch over the castle, as the queen was about to Enter the heavens to use her corrupt power to corrupt the demigods, which then started the war between the overland’s and the demigods. After the war when the world was covered in ruin, alhhere was still alive as well as the queen, but one of the demigods sealed her in a sacred forbidden place. Alhere and 4 Warriors left the castle in search of survivors after the war, which then leads to the Fallen one, who is being watched and observed by them.

Avalanche The Frozen one

“A Colossal being who has been asleep under sheets of ice for thousands of years, however, it is now awakened after its years of slumber.”

Can only be spawned in creative mode, for now.


Drops: 10x Packed ice, 1x Ancient Magic Stone.



Biome:——–Frozen Peaks Of Avilon———

Location: A Giant Frozen hole: DO NOT FALL IN!

Optional: Yes

Storyline based: No

Guide: Get ready for a long, and Brutal boss fight, Avalanche will kick you in the ass if you stay without proper gear, he will throw large ice Fragments at you that deal a ton of damage, he will also walk to your location so you better start running when he sees you hiding. NOTE: DO NOT TRY MAGE CLASS WITH THIS BOSS, HE CAN ABSORB YOUR MAGIC AND WILL ABSOLUTELY SHRED YOUR HP. Now you may be wondering how are you supposed to kill this thing anyway, Well since this boss is optional a good idea is to keep looking for better gear and weapons, Especially  Spear of Avilon, it may not tank this boss but it sure will get the job done. Considering the fact that this boss has an insane amount of HP, You may not be ready to face this giant, however once you do beat him, you get One of the most important items in the addon, Unknown Magic Stone which is used for crafting some of the most rare magic weapons in the addon, now unknown magic stone;s can be grinded in certain locations but they are ridiculously hard to find and require some of the most challenging enemies in the game to be killed.

Lore:Under the very hard layers of ice, through the Bone-chilling Plains of Avilon, through towering, Great landscapes of Mt Avilon, at the far away lands of “mt-Avilon” lives of creature of Cataclysmic Strength, and could cause an untold amount of destruction and Could end in a Cataclysmic event. While Avalanche was sealed thousands of years ago by the Demigods, Avalanche was still alive and would be asleep for thousands of years, however the seal could not last long and Avalanche would be released to cause another Cataclysm, Due to the demigods fears of another catastrophe, the Demigods used an even greater seal, to seal the area around Avalanche in a Powerful Ice sheet, Sealed off by Demi magic To not let another Avalanche Catastrophe happen again. However Sadly the Seal did not work, During the great war between the Queen and demigods, During the time of which the Demigods became corrupted, the seal was broken and Avalanche was released, However Avalanche did not Destroy anything, he created something far worse, with Avalanche’s mysterious power, He Used the Storms to his advantage, and the snow to create an enteral nightmare of An Everlasting snowstorm in Mt-Avilon, this would cause avalanche to rather go back to sleep for another one hundred years, but the damage was already done, MT-Avilon is now Stuck inside of an eternal Snowstorm that is only getting bigger each and every day along with the Village being covered in sheets of snow, and ice, and the only way to break this Nightmare, is to go face to face with Avalanche himself and end the nightmare once and for all, even if it cost’s you, your life.


“At the very bottom of a trench as old as the great war, there lives a monster so terrifying to many, that even upon a sight would leave the person Renderless.”


Drops: 6x Fish eyes, 3x bone,  7xPutrid Essence.



Location:Ancient Trench


Storyline based: No

Guide:The most terrifying boss in the game, just looking at it will give you nightmares, Now this boss isn’t too difficult besides the Lack of Movement you have since, It’s underwater (DUH!). However there are plenty of ways to cheese this boss and not to look at its hideous face ever again, So my first Recommendation would be Tridents with impaling level:5 this is especially good since this boss can summon its own minions, My second would be is to Swim on top of him and shoot arrows of harming II down directly on to him, arrows move very slow underwater so this is a very good strategy for Archer class.

Lore:The oceans are vast, quiet, and mostly calm. However Deep under these layers of water, where the sunlight ceases to be, and only living creatures that are unexplainable with their terrifying potential. However, there exists a Fort that has been left to ruin under the seas for millennia, some have not discovered what this fort may have been used for, However The demigods warned the Overland’s to stay far away from it, the reason could be for what houses in the depths of here. Or something, Much worse. At the very center of a long lost ruins of a forgotten civilization that has been lost for millennia, something lurks, something so alien and horrifying that not even, the Mightiest Beings in the seas can comprehend what lurks down at the depths, As just looking at it puts their minds to insanity, The being that lurks down at these depths sleeps away, at the humming of the Abyss Where it Jaws down on the putrid rotten rocks and the swimming of fishes where its servants, would do its bidding. The creature as of now sleeps at the bottom of the depths waiting eagerly for a worthy challenger.

Author and Creator’s Note: First of all, a huge thanks to anyone who even read this far. secondly the plan is for V1.1BETA to come out in Either april 15th or, sometime around may. Once the beta is over i can honestly say that you guys are going to love it.



To install easy, just click the addon and boom.

creator: Chosen knight


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