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Bedrock Shield Hero / Tate no Yuusha Addon Mcpe!

Shield Hero / Tate no Yuusha Addon Mcpe!

My new shield hero addon for minecraft mobile which adds various characters from anime, total characters added in this V1: [8 characters].
The shield hero addon for minecraft bedrock is very simple, this version does not contain crafts yet, but it is already possible to play in survival!
See more information about the addon below!


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 When you enter the world you will receive these items.

The first Item opens the menu where you can start the addon’s story mode and other functions.
When resetting you will lose all items, you will restart the game!

The second item is a random choice of the four cardinal heroes, each weapon will have a menu.
To activate the menu just hold on the screen!
you will be able to evolve your legendary weapon, each evolution needs 2500 TP that you get by defeating the mobs!

To revert back to the original version of each weapon Hold Shift + Hold on screen!

The third item you will see right below…

The fourth item is for you to hollow out a structure!

The four legendary weapons and their evolutions!

Escudo de Ateque Aéreo!

Thousand Swords!

Meteor Shot!

Spears of Chaos!

All the armors that were added in this first version!

You can buy the above armor from this NPC!


To get coins, defeat the orange balloons then trade with my NPC!

Another way to get coins is using the Item you get when you enter the world!

 Orange balloons:






Download Below!
 Thanks for reading!

Remembering that you need to activate these options!

Video Where I Show Some Things!



In this first version and a complete package for Tate no Yuusha fans with armor of the 4 cardinal heroes, 1 myne armor, the 4 legendary weapons and their evolutions, menu for each weapon, story mode menu and much more, download now and have fun in your minecraft bedrock edition!

Any flaws you find in the addon, comment below!


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