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Bedrock Shields By S94874 (BETA)

Shields By S94874 (BETA)

These are vanilla shields in beta testing, so I publish it to get feedback on the behavior of the shields and if necessary to completely change their behavior to a more vanilla one.


These shields are the closest approximation to a vanilla shield, currently they do not present a noticeable difference in durability (it does not mark its wear), they have a fairly regular crafting, fully functional effects or enchantments could be added soon, so they currently do not. . The appearance of each shield is shown below, which in my opinion are quite beautiful.

all shields have an approximate durability of 500 points

They manage to knock back enemies approximately 2-3 blocks per block.

Its crafts are:

Test video: 




  1. Vanilla Experiments
  2. Holiday Creator Features
  3. Additional Modding Capabilities
  4. Upcoming Creator Features
  5. Enable GameTest Framework
  6. Experimental Molang Features

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChrS_jpMrPDIMjsW3RimOpQ



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