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Bedrock Shinobi Chronicles

Shinobi Chronicles

Have you ever wanted to be a shinobi and use ninja tools?

Then this addon is for you! Shinobi chronicles includes items and entities from naruto shippuden.

It Also Includes 3 Members Of The Akatsuki ( Kisame, Hidan, Itachi ) And 4 Shinobi’s Of Konoha ( Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Minato ),

It Also Includes 21 New Items ( 7 Projectiles [Explosive Tag, Thunder Tag, Fang Tag, Wither Tag, Binding Tag, Shuriken, Flying Thunder God Kunai], 6 Weapons [Sword Of Kusanagi, Truthseeking Rod, Samehada, Kubikiribocho, Kunai,Triple-Bladed Scythe], 6 Armors [Shinobi Uniform, Shinobi Leggings, Tabi, Konoha Forehead Protector, Sharingan, Byakugan] ), I Bring New Updates ( Every 1-2 Weeks ) That Adds New Weapons And Entities. 


Video Showcasing All Items And Entities In The AddOn:

New Entities:


Explosive Tag: Explodes, Yes What Did You Expect? 

Fang Tag: Summons Evocation Fang At The Target

Thunder Tag: Strucks The Target With Lightning

Binding Tag: Slows The Target For 3 Seconds

No picture can be shown.

Konoha’s Forehead Protector: Effects The Wearer With Jump Boost II. 

Full Shinobi Set Without Headband: 

Shinobi’s Uniform: Has High Defence And Knockback Resistance. 

Shinobi’s Leggings: Has High Defence And Knockback Resistance

Tabi: Has High Defence And Knockback Resistance

Kunai: Just Like An Iron Sword

No picture can be shown. 

Shuriken: Super Fast And High Damage

Iron In The Middle And Iron Nuggets Diagonally

No picture can be shown. 

Flying Thunder God Kunai: Teleports You While Leaving Behind A Thunder

Kubikiribocho: 7 Damage And Gives +3 Health

Triple-Bladed Scythe: 8 Damage And Effects You With Health Boost II

Sharingan: Effects You With Speed II, And Strength II

Byakugan: Effects You With Health Boost II, Night Vision II, And Resistance III

Non-Craftable ( Drops ) 

Samehada: Effects You With Conduit Power

Drops From Kisame

Sword Of Kusanagi: Hold To Summon Lightning

Drops From Sasuke

Truthseeking Rod: Hold To Summon Explosions

Drops From Naruto

No picture can be shown

( Watch Showcase Video To Know All About The AddOn Because Im Too Lazy To Type ) 


Changed Feature Image. 



P. S. To Admin, You can change the writing if this doesnt get accepted because of it. 


Turn These On Or Else The AddOn Will Not Work:


Do Not Steal This AddOn Or Edit It For Revenue, Do Not Claim This Addon As Your Own. 


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