Shounen De Fantasy – God Of Death Axe –


Did u ever Dream about 4 of the best weapons made by god? Yes? Now there are four epic blades with 7 and more unique skills combos and abilities! Try them out and defeat the enemy! 😀                                


So there are 4 Weapons uniek weapons with each Epic 5 Abilities! 

  1. Elheim Trident
  2. Sword Of Ruptur
  3. True Frost Slayer
  4. God Of The Death Axe

There is also Two types off  Armor, download it to find out what they do and how they look like! 😀  


If you left click or slap a mob or air then you have particles, if you have a combo like if you slap 3 times you get a cool animation and strength and cool particles!

If you shift and have a ability then u do something cools!


To Switch between abilities you must SHIFT and LEFT CLICK!!!

To use the abilities, just right click and hold it for 1 sec, than BOOM!

NOTE: If some abilities are stuck, use the Key King to free them!

Here are the left click particles:






Elheim Trident:

  1. Submerged Punch
  2. Water Shakra
  1. Elheim Shark
  1. Riptide
  1. Sea Dragon

Sword Of Rupture:

  1. Gate Of Babylon
  1. Gate Of Babylon Rain
  1. Chain Of Heaven
  1. Enuma Elish (Short Change)
  1. Enuma Elish (Full Change) 

First Part:

second part:

True Frost Slayer:

  1. Earth Pillar
  1. Wind Breeze
  1. Inferno Slash
  1. Frost Blow
  1. Elestial Revenge

First Part:

Second Part:

God Of The Death Axe:

  1. Whirlwind
  1. ShockWave
  1. Dark Splitter
  1. Death Violence

First Part:

Second Part:

  1. Meateor Shower

And did you know there is even more??? 

Download it for free to check it out!

Youtube video:

Sponsored youtube:  


Activate all experimental Options!


HAVE FUN!!! 😀😜👍😎💖😍😁


  1. Do not copy right.
  2. Don’t say it’s you.
  3. Only download it with this link, and share this link.
  4. You can make showcase, but do correct download link.
  5. Have fun! 😀


This pack can be combined with most of the addons/ scripts / resource packs! 😀

Made by Gartick Vision


  1. Better Powers! 
  2. More Abilities
  3. Better animations
  4. More Partciles
  5. Cooler Sounds
  6. More DAMAGE
  7. Overpowered Textures
  8. Epic Models
  9. Crazy Combos


  1. Download the Behaviour and Resource Pack in Free Fast Website
  2. Open them or put them in minecraft
  3. Do the both packs in the game
  4. Activate experimental options (all)
  5. Have fun! 😀



By aadhu

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