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Bedrock Simple Blocks V1.0 (Dark Update)

Simple Blocks V1.0 (Dark Update)


Explore the bottom of the cave, referring to the new block, “Darkstone”. This addon adds new blocks to your minecraft having a great variety!!! 

so let’s go, grab your pickaxe and let’s go in search of the new blocks 😀 

Explore the bottom of the cave, looking for the new block, “Darkstone”. This addon adds new blocks to your minecraft having a wide variety!!!

This is the first version of the addon, 26 blocks are being added in total, they can be obtained in the survival (inside the deep caves) or in the creative (in the construction tab, in the “stoneBrick” or nature group, in the “stone” group) . 



Darkstone can be found in deep caves, in small veins, it can be broken by hand or you can use a pickaxe composed of diamond to break it faster. 


Cobbledark, drops when breaking a Darkstone, with this stone you can make all available Darkstone blocks. 

•Polished Darkstone

Polished Darkstone is the first craftable block, with 4 Cobbledark, you create a Polished Darkstone. 

•Darkstone Tiles

having 9 variables, Darkstone Tiles can be created with Darkstone Brick, it has a great similarity to Deepslate Tiles, but with a small difference. 


•Darkstone Tiles Chiseled (1/9)

These are the 8 variables of Darkstone Tiles, they can be created in a stone cutter. 

•Polished Darkstone Tiles Chiseled

Polished Darkstone Tiles Chiseled  is a polished variable from the Darkstone Tiles Chiseled block.

•Square Darkstone (1/10)

Made with Polished Darkstone, Square Darkstone has a square in the middle with random shapes. 

Extra Blocks

•Darkstone Basalt

Darkstone Basalt is a variation of Basalt made with Cobbledark in the stonecutter. 

•Heated Darkstone

Heated Darkstone is a burnt stone, when you cook the Darkstone, you get a Heated Darkstone. 


•Darkstone Brick

Darkstone Brick is the second recipe that can be made on the crafting table, it still doesn’t have a variable, but in the next version it will. 


•Composite Pickaxe Diamond 

serves to break the blocks of the addon, it can be done with a diamond pickaxe being cut in the stone cutter.


how to create: 

when breaking the Darkstone, a Cobbledark will drop and from these block you can make all the blocks, some of these blocks can be cooked or cut in the stonecutter. 

next updates: 

I haven’t finished the dark update yet, there are still more blocks to be added, I want to put the blocks in the Villagers trade, so this is just the beginning… 

creator: https://twitter.com/@nadaadizer9611


•addon page changes 

▪︎more information about the blocks has been added

▪︎images have been added!!! 


the link goes straight to mediafire!!!

If you want to show my addon on any channel, leave the credits. 

If you want to use my addon in some addonpack, you have permission to use it but leave the link to the page. 

If you want to talk about the addon with me, you can contact me on Twitter.  https://twitter.com/nadaadizer9611?t=5waVTPsVJhemuNX4gm4PGQ&s=09

the permissions you need to enable are: 



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