Simple Mob Grinder

Hello, today I made a mod with which you can improve your mob farms in Minecraft. This mod will add 3 new blocks to the game that will kill mobs. With these blocks, your mob farms will be much smaller and better. So I recommend that you download this mod. not using player.json I forgot to say, this mod also supports other entities from different mods.


Let’s start with the first block, this is the poisoning block, it imposes the poisoning effect on the mobs and leaves them 1 hp, after which you can kill the mob with one hit. To create this block, you need to have flint, a diamond sword and iron.

the next block, imposes a drain on mobs. And to create it requires coal, a diamond sword and iron.

The above blocks are useless against undead, and to kill undead use the next block, fatal grinder. This block can kill any mob in the game, even the boss.

How the mod works can be seen in this video



Download file

Click file

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