Simplicity Anti-Cheat

Simplicity Anti-Cheat is a Minecraft Bedrock non-experimental anti-cheat addon for worlds, realms, or servers. It requires no setup whatsoever, meaning once it’s installed into your world, it’s already running! Although there is a few configurations you can change to customize the addon to your own liking, such as choosing whether or not NPCs should despawn.

Anti-Cheat Features

Coming with this behavior pack is many features to prevent hackers on your world, realm, or server. Remember that players with the admin tag are immune to everything on this list, so choose your staff wisely. All of the features in the addon can be found below:

Anti Exploits

  • No NBT Containers/Kits – Any containers (such as chests) held in a player’s hand that’s containing NBT data will be cleared and given back again but with no NBT data. For shulker boxes, you will need to manually enable or disable them using the config.
  • No Illegal Items – Any hacked items or operator items (such as portal blocks) will be cleared from players and will kick the player if they are held. This does not include 32k items.
  • No CBE – Command block minecarts are no longer able to be spawned or summoned. Items that are able to execute the CBE were also fixed to no longer hold the NBT data. If somehow one of them do get placed, then they will instantly be despawned. Also, NPCs are apart of the config, meaning they must be disabled manually.

Automatic Alerts & Punishments

  • Alerts – Players with the admin tag will be sent private alerts if a player (without the admin tag) holds an illegal item. When a player gets banned there will also be an alert to everyone in the game.
  • Warns – Whenever a player holds an illegal item they will get a warn and be kicked from the game.
  • Bans – When a player reaches 3 warns they will be automatically banned.


  • Auto Gamemode – Automatically changes players gamemode to survival. If you don’t want players to be spammed with the gamemode update then send /gamerule sendcommandfeedback false in chat!
    • /function simplicity/config/autogamemode/enable
    • /function simplicity/config/autogamemode/disable
  • Shulker Box Ban – Instantly clears players that have shulker boxes in their inventory.
    • /function simplicity/config/shulkerboxban/enable
    • /function simplicity/config/shulkerboxban/disable
  • Wither Despawn – Instantly despawns withers.
    • /function simplicity/config/witherdespawn/enable
    • /function simplicity/config/witherdespawn/disable
  • Ender Dragon Despawn – Instantly despawns ender dragons.
    • /function simplicity/config/dragondespawn/enable
    • /function simplicity/config/dragondespawn/disable
  • NPC Despawn – Instantly despawns NPCs. This use to be apart of anti CBE!
    • /function simplicity/config/npcdespawn/enable
    • /function simplicity/config/npcdespawn/disable


  • Admin – Gives players immunity over the anti-cheat.
    • /tag {player} add admin
    • /tag {player} remove admin
  • Safe – Gives entities invulnerability.
    • /tag {entity} add safe
    • /tag {entity} remove safe
  • Ban – Bans players from the game. One of the images is a duplicate because it does the same thing as the auto ban.
    • /tag {player} add ban
  • Unban – Unbans banned players from the game when they join.
    • /function simplicity/admin/unban
    • /function simplicity/admin/unbanstop
  • Spawn – Creates a specified spawn protection radius. Players cannot destroy or harm each other and mobs (or unwanted entities) will despawn in this area.
    • /function simplicity/setup/spawn20x20
    • /function simplicity/setup/spawn30x30
    • /function simplicity/setup/spawn40x40
    • /function simplicity/setup/spawn50x50
    • /function simplicity/setup/spawn60x60
    • /function simplicity/setup/spawn70x70
    • /kill @e[type=simplicity:dummy,name=spawn]
  • Clearlag – Removes all items and despawns unwanted entities but keeps the important entities, such as animals.
    • /function simplicity/admin/clearlag

Extra Information

– Simplicity Anti-Cheat is a free minecraft bedrock non-experimental addon and can be used by anyone. Remember to read the license on the github before doing any modifications or distributions of the addon. A link to the github is right here.

– A youtube video explaining and showcasing the addon will be uploaded to my youtube channel chrstn43 soon. I will update this page with the link once the video is uploaded!

– There’s an official discord server for the addon and other addons created by me. You can join it here.


Simplicity Anti-Cheat v1.3

  • Support for Minecraft 1.19.83+
  • Added ender dragon despawn to configuration
  • Added NPC despawn to configuration
  • Added more spawn protection radiuses
  • Small bug fixes
    • Removed the “Component events was not parsed” error when loading into a world


Installing the addon and enabling the behavior pack on your world is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is follow the steps listed below this paragraph. Remember you don’t need experiments enabled for the anti-cheat to work!


1. Download either the .mcpack or .zip behavior pack file of the addon. These can be found below this installation category. They are right below “Downloads”.

2. Once one of the files (.mcpack or .zip) is downloaded, import the behavior pack to your game. Afterwards you should be able to see and activate it in your world’s behavior pack menu.

3. After enabling the behavior pack (or the addon), all you need to do is load up the world and you’re good to go! An easy way to tell if the anti-cheat is enabled is by typing /function simplicity in chat. If you can see all of the functions that contain “simplicity” then it’s installed and working.



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