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Introducing the Skibidi Toilets, the enigmatic and eccentric creatures that have made their way into the Minecraft world! Inspired by the mind-bending Skibidi Toilet series created by DaFuq!?Boom!, these quirky antagonists are here to add a splash of chaos and hilarity to your gaming experience.

Meet the Skibidi Toilets The Skibidi Toilets are the mischievous stars of their own series, known for their peculiar appearances and outlandish antics. In this Minecraft addon, they’ve made their way into your blocky world and are ready to challenge even the bravest players. These beings are not your average toilets; they sport human heads popping out of their toilet bowls, which they hilariously use as their primary means of attack in your Minecraft Game


Characters from Skibidi Toilets


  • Camera Woman
  • Arm Toilet
  • Car Buzz Toilet
  • Deformed stripider toilet
  • Titan Speaker
  • Speaker Spider
  • Titan Camera man and more..
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A Riot of Variety Just like in the Skibidi Toilet series, these peculiar creatures come in all shapes and sizes. While most resemble typical white ceramic flush toilets with human heads emerging from their bowls, there’s nothing ordinary about them. Some have elongated necks that stretch for feet, allowing them to twist and turn in all directions. Their expressions are utterly exaggerated, with manic eyes and broad, unnaturally elongated grins.

But that’s not all; Skibidi Toilets can surprise you with bathtubs, urinals, multiple heads on a single neck, various fixture designs, unique colors like dark gray, and sizes ranging from tiny to towering skyscraper heights. They bring a whole new level of unpredictability to your Minecraft adventures.


creator: Yujiro5

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