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Bedrock Skyrim Compass UI

Skyrim Compass UI

New UI added to the main hud display for a compass bar to locate structures and mobs. and is now completely other addon friendly and multiplayer as well. enjoy this addon


The new skyrim icon compass UI can only locate one thing at a time from a passive mob to a hostile mob and chest or structures in game.

i have added biomes text but some may not like it if so make sure to delete the biomes function and you will be good.

icons i have so far are

Icons List



Passive Mobs

Hostile Mobs



Ocean Monument

Nether Fortress




Makers – this is any mob named marker so you can name a armor stand marker to find locations easy


to see icons you just type /icons

to play on mcpe you need to do this make sure you are on classic and -1 gui


creator: dakonblackrose



nothing needed works in ex mode and none just click download


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