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Bedrock Sleeping Bag Addon (Compatible With Other Addons)

Sleeping Bag Addon (Compatible With Other Addons)

This addon adds sleeping bags just like the java mod, its use is more for multiplayer if one person sleeps it will be daytime regardless of the others not doing it, it is quite useful and it is also compatible with any addon, I hope you like it. 


Experimental Game

This is a section before creating the world that allows better functioning of the addons in the world and a better gaming experience when playing with addons, we recommend that you activate the following options to play with this addon.


This is the most common bag, it is crafted in this way, the rest of the bags are crafted the same, only with a different color of wool.

They have a total of 16 colors to choose from, as I said before, they are crafted in the same way as the previous example, only varying the colors of the wool.

In the same way, if you do not know which yarn corresponds to the crafting table, all the craftings appear to guide you.




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