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Bedrock Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag


So this is a small but very useful addon

This addon adds a sleeping bag

When you “use” the sleeping bag it sets your spawn and makes it day

This could be useful to people who like to travel 



The sleeping bag crafting recipe is basically a bed without the wood

Which makes it pretty easy to craft and it’s an early game item 

You do have to use the same wool as the picture because red is the only color right now

I might add more colors in the future ☺

You have to use 2 red wool and 1 white in the same order as the picture above or else it won’t work 🙂


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The only problems right now are that red is the only color I made 

And this can be used to have infinite day :/

But other than that it works great


It is EXTREMELY hard to have an addon posted 




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