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Bedrock SmokeyStack’s World Generation

SmokeyStack’s World Generation


The new 1.18 world generation is eye candy, but there are somethings that I’m not satisfied with. Inspired by other world generation mod, I aim to change world generation with this add-on!


This add-on updates the vanilla world generation in the Overworld only. Plans to update the Nether is on my to do list. Here’s some pictures!

Some changes include inspiration from Minecraft Live 2021 concept art. But here’s a full list:

  • Birch forest
    • Moss generates on fallen trees
    • Birch trees have branches that occasionally have bee nests
    • Flower patches
    • Pools of gravel, sand and stone
  • General changes
    • Boulders in taiga and dark forests
    • Geodes vary in sizes depending on terrain height
    • Varied trees
    • More mushrooms, grass, and berry patches
  • Caves
    • Some edges now have slabs
    • Granite and diorite clusters
  • Desert
    • More dunes
    • Underground sand caves with dead bushes
  • Savannah
    • Mud patches
    • Giant trees, but rare
  • Stony Peaks
    • Spikier? Not sure that’s the correct word lol
  • Swamp
    • Glow Lichen on trees
    • Dripleaf clusters


Head over to the download link, once you download, import it to Minecraft. Make sure to turn on Custom Biome toggle in the Experiments section. Enjoy 😀

creator: https://twitter.com/@SmokeyStack_  



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