Snowy’s Lamp Posts

Welcome to Snowy’s Minecraft World and my Lamp Posts for Minecraft Bedrock! This is one of my first functional mods. After many hours of trial and error I can finally share fully working Lamp Posts!


It was so frustrating building a good-looking village but not being able to light it up at night without big lanterns and sensors all around. I tried some glowing blocks, but it just didn’t look right. So, I made Lamp Posts.



The Lamp Posts are styled on UK Lamp Posts and have the highest light emittance.

There are 4 Lamp Posts in the inventory


·         Lamp Post (Manual Switch)

·         Lamp Post (Automatic Switch)

·         Lamp Post for Slabs (Manual Switch)

·         Lamp Post for Slabs (Automatic Switch)


Automatic Switch

The Lamp Posts with automatic switches will work without you having to do anything. They have a built-in sensor so they know when it’s day and night and will turn on at night and off in the morning.

Manual Switch

For the Lamp Posts with the manual switch, you need to control them. Grab a torch and interact with the Lamp Post while holding the Torch. This will turn them on or off. They do not have a daylight sensor built in so they will remain in whatever state you leave them in. They spawn switched on.


Lamp Post (Automatic Switch) at daytime


Lamp Post (Automatic Switch) at night


The Lamp Post light will also come on and glow during the night


The are set to the highest emittance meaning you can light up your world

Feel free to review but please link back to the download links here

Let me know if there’s something you’re looking for!

Please don’t copy my code without me knowing, reach out to me and I’ll probably be happy for you use it!

  • Changed Description to be more unique
  • No changes made to file packs


You DO NOT need experimental gameplay switched on – these will work out of the box!




By aadhu

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