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Bedrock Sorting Wand (Chest Sorter)

Sorting Wand (Chest Sorter)

Are your chests messy and never bothered to organize them because it is too much of a task? Are you looking for an easy way to organize your items? This addon is just for you!


With the new item called the Sorting Wand you can organize your chest easily! With 1 click/tap of this wand your chest will turn from this

to this!

It is easy to craft the wand.

Sorting Wand:

How To Use:

  • Shift/Crouch while holding the Sorting Wand and right click/tap on a chest.

Sadly this wand doesn’t work with barrel, end chest, and shulker boxes, only with chests. This addon uses Gametest so it will not work with consoles.

Enjoy! 😀


  • Experimental Modes must be turned on.
  • Does not work with consoles, but you can join other worlds on other devices that have this addon.

creator: https://twitter.com/Dewdimpple


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