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Space Lc is an addon which adds Space to Minecraft! Ready to Explore the Moons of Mars? Maybe even the Asteroid belt? Or why not Mercury and Venus as well? An Space addon you have never seen before! Each Planet/Moon has its own Mob, ore and Structure and even Gasses!


This Addon doesn’t just add the typical planets.. 
It also adds the moons of other planets, as well as the Asteroid Belt! 
I’d like to add more in the future, however Bedrock edition is limited and therefore I can currently only add the pre-existing planets/moons and the Asteroid Belt.


Map of Planets/Moons

Here is the Map of all the Planets/Moons:

The Moon! (Earth)


Deimos (Mars Moon1)

Phobos (Mars Moon2)



Asteroid Belt (+ Ceres)

Venus and the Asteroid Belt have the biggest plattform of all of them!


You may be asking how everything works, how to go to the Planets and Moons?

And its farely simple, this addon has its own Wiki and this explains how everything works and also every Mob and Machine

The Wiki Page

The Wiki Page

Space LC addon Wiki | Fandom

On Pc  its easy how to use it.

On Mobile Its a little more complicated 

For Mobile you need to go to here so everything shows up!

Yea its that simple.. 

The Wiki gives Guides for about everything and is simple to use.


A benefit of this addon to keep in mind:

That this addon multiplayer friendly! 

The one downside is that only operators can travel to other places. Cheats can stay off but the person needs to at least be OP. 


This Addon uses the Player.jasonjson file, so it may not be compatible with every addon!


Is that it..? 

Yes… but no. 

As I said before, I want to add more to this addon in the foreseeable future. 

I’d also like to add the Kupier Belt, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn but unfortunately I am unable to do so at the moment due to the limitation addon creators have.


Known Bugs/issue:

  • When the Render distance is too high you can see the end island on the planets/Moons
  • On Mobile or devices that can’t handle too much lag and stuff, some stuff may not work
  • when first loading the Planets/Moons it causes a few lags spikes
  • Deimos sometimes clips into Mars
  • The Rocket sometimes won’t come back to earth
  • Now every Ore/Gas has an real use

This addon will have updates and some may not contain new Planets/Moons

And thats it! I hope you enjoy and have fun exploring!



Install and turn on all Experimental Gameplay Features!

Make sure you are an OP when playing and that this Addon BP is on the top


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