SpaceCraft 2 Modpack [v1.0.2]

This is SpaceCraft 2 and is the sequel for SpaceCraft. Some of the things to expect in this new version are more mods, an improvised oxygen system, and additional quests. Once you’ve loaded a world you will start out in an abandoned spaceship. There is some backstory to it but it is not very complex as this wasn’t made to be story-based content. Your oxygen level will not go down immediately upon spawning in the world. The oxygen will only go down once you’ve moved and been given a quest book but this will be explained in the chat. For your convenience, it is recommended that you use the quest book as it contains the information you need to survive and a guide for finding a good source of oxygen, resources, upgrading, killing bosses, and building a base. The quest book is also helpful in the sense that it gives you rewards automatically for completing some quests.


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In this modpack you will find yourself stranded in space. Take on this new survival challenge, make oxygen tanks, manage your oxygen intake and complete the 38 different quests found in the quest book. There are lots of great features such as 197 new items, lots of new machines from ComputerCraft, Advanced Machinery, and Advanced Machinery Expansion. But it doesn’t end there as you will also come across magic, ore trees and much more!

Starting out the quest book will be the perfect guide for getting you started with finding a stable source of oxygen. From there it will guide you on new adventures which include getting oxygen tanks, more resources, killing bosses, building a base, and more. By completing some quests you will even be able to earn rewards on completing them. If you for any reason lose your quest book then it is easy to craft a new one with one oak plank.


Addon List

(All addons are already downloaded in the world, so you don’t have to download them)

  • ComputerCraft (v1.0.1)
  • Skills Addon (v1.0.3)
  • Diversity (v1.0.2)
  • Tree Grower Addon (v1.0.1)
  • Magical Spells (v1.0.2)
  • Advanced Machinery Expansion (v1.0.8)
  • Advanced Machinery (v5)
  • Ore Trees (v1.0.0)




Updated ComputerCraft to v1.0.1

Fixed placing cables (Advanced Machinery Expansion) making an entity hurt sound



Set your game language to English

Do not change any settings under Experiments or Cheats (you may allow Keep Inventory)

Download .mcaddon (.zip works too) to update an already existing space craft 2 world. DO NOT USE THE UPDATE METHOD FOR SPACE CRAFT 1 WORLDS. START A NEW SPACE CRAFT 2 WORLD INSTEAD!




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