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Bedrock Special Forces Uniform Pack – Military Uniforms

Special Forces Uniform Pack – Military Uniforms


Welcome to Special Forces Uniforms. Good for milsim, this pack adds 3 detailed Special Forces uniforms from  different nations. This works well for low end devices and the uniforms have depth too them with backpacks, mags, nods, and radios.


This is special forces Uniform pack. 

It adds three Special forces uniforms from different nations.

Here are the different Uniforms


(vest varient without gear and backpack available for all variants too).


Multicam uniform with nightvision goggles backpack and plate carrier with magazines.

 (vest varient without gear and backpack available for all variants too).



[British] British S.A.S

Desert Uniform variant, big backpack and radio on back, helmet with glasses and plate carrier with lots of magazines on it.



Flecktarn uniform with quadnods, a balaclava, mid size backpack, and heavy plate carrier with radio and lots of mags



This pack allows you to combine armor in different slots, and it is even wearable with vanilla armor

This pack works real good for military maps in like milsim. It works well combined with gun addons too, and with our Warvehicles pack!

The armor offers protection but isnt meant to be better than best vanilla armor, instead for maps where armor isnt always accessible or where a little bit helps alot


Plate carriers. 


Check out the trailer for the pack

And join our discord for future releases///

Early access to our packs



lastly thanks to devs AHMAT and kdarkshadow.                


Download the file in .mcaddon .

If you can only install zip, just rename .mcaddon to .zip and extract

creator: https://twitter.com/ArsenalCraft_


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