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Bedrock Speciality Ring

Speciality Ring

Do you think there’s not enough magical and equitable stuff in Minecraft? Say no more! You can use this addon in your survival world, this addon adds 5 new ring and a big shot


How do i get speciality ring?

You needed an empty ring and a condensed gem.

You can use an empty ring, to unequip previous used ring, sadly the empty ring is gone if you use it.

You can craft an empty ring using 3 gold ingot and 1 gold block.

Stuff to craft Condensed gem

Contained Soul

Contained Soul can be collected from dead villagers remains, it’s a rare drop so you better find a city instead of a village.

Hardened Blood

You can get hardened blood from villagers, unlike contained soul, hardened blood is a common drop

Shifted Wind

Shifted wind can be crafter using 4 empty bottles and 1 empty bucket. You’ll lose your bucket and bottles when crafting shifted wind

How to craft Condensed gem and Speciality Ring

Condensed Shifted Gem

Condensed Speedster Gem

Condensed Life Gem

Condensed Death Gem

Condensed Soul Gem


Use of Speciality Ring


Sneak – Charge an ability for you to use, and then unsneak dash at any direction you look at, and can phase through wall and even bedrock.

Jump while Sneaking – After charging up shifter ability, you can jump and teleport to the nearest entity (Excluding Players) in 25 blocks radius.


Running – Running for a long time will boost your speed (Max Speed Boost 3)

Passive – You will gain jump height passively, after jumping you will need to charge your jump passive.


Jump while Sneaking – You can regen if your bar atleast have 1 charged bar, more charged bar will increase the regen (Max Regen 5)


Sneak – You will charge a wither aura to inflict wither to mobs around you (Excluding Players), you will need a full bar to use this.

Jump while Sneaking – After charging up your wither aura, instead you can use it for temporary resistance.


Running – Running will turn you invisible and increase movement speed

Jump while Sneaking – Sneaking will charge your float jump, jump while sneaking will give you levitation allowing you to get up on higher places.

What if i found bug or if i have suggestion?

Comment the stuff you want to suggest or if you found bug.

You can also send bug report and suggest in my discord server! I’ll read your stuff

My Discord Server: https://discord.gg/3cbyDKmuBP

creator: Clowntastrophy

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