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Custom Commands that add OP Gear (Enchantments up to 1000 Level) and also Effects that can be assigned to yourself or other players, all through the chat box in Survival Mode!

This addon is pretty simple.  It adds new commands that will give you very OP gear.  The hacked gear can be obtained by typing on of the following in chat:

hack pickaxe

hack axe 


hack sword 

hack shovel 

hack hoe 

hack helmet 

hack leggings 

hack boots 

hack chestplate 

hack elytra 

hack bow 

hack pole 

hack trident

The spells require a bit more info.  You can enter any of the following effects (YOU DON’T NEED TO TYPE THE PART IN PARENTHESES):

spell nv (night vision) 

spell haste 

spell conduit 

spell no fire (fire resistance) 

spell blindness 

spell invisible 

spell speed 

spell slow 

spell slow fall 

spell saturation 

spell resistance 

spell jump 

spell hero (village hero) 

spell clear (clears effects)

You must also add a selector to the spells.  So each of the above commands will need to end with one of the following:






The example above would give the player who enters the command fire resistance.  If you used “spell no fire far”, that would give fire resistance to the player that is farthest away from you.  This applies to all of the spell commands.


You must have gametest enabled in experimental features.

This addon is fully compatible with other addons





Download, Install, and add to any world.  Make sure you have gametest enabled in experimental features.



creator: TheMCD912



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