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Bedrock Spider-Man No Way Home Addon Minecraft

Spider-Man No Way Home Addon Minecraft

So the new Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer has arrived and I am hyped for the movie so I created this Addon for the celebration of the release. This Addon brings you some Spider-Man suits of different Spider-Man franchises and some villains. If you want me to create an Addon you can ask me on my YouTube channel and I will try to make it. You can also support me by subscribing my channel. Note: You are free to review my addon for your YouTube channel but make sure you credit me and use this link.


 Spider-Man No Way Home Addon for Minecraft:


Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire)

The coolest Spider-Man, this is the Spider-Man I was introduced to in my childhood. This Spider-Man has organic webs and has more strength than some of the few spider-man. 

Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield)

The second reboot of the first Spider-Man. This Spider-Man has a cool suit and mechanic web shooters. 

Spider-Man (Tom Holland)

The Spider-Man of the MCU. This Spider-Man is an Avenger and also has a variety of suit given to him by Iron-Man. 

Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

This Spider-Man is from the ultimate universe in which Peter Parker dies by green goblin’s hands. So this young teenage boy turns to the Spider-Man to save New York City.


In her dimension she was bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. She then turns into Spider-woman to stop crime but Peter Parker dies by some villains.


Doc Ock:

Doctor Otto Octavius experiments in creating mechanical arms and tries it on himself but the tentacles absorbs his mind creating him into a tentacle villain.

Green Goblin:

He tries the super human strength on himself turning him into a evil man. Green Goblin flies with his glider and can throw pumpkin bombs that are explosive.


This big monster can crush your bones and destructs anything that comes in his way.


This symbiote bonded with Eddie Brock turning him into a human eating monster. Venom drops symbiote which can be used to craft symbiote Suit.


Another symbiote which bonded with another killer turning him into carnage. This symbiote can create weapon from his hands and is stronger than venom.


He is the uncle of Miles Morales and works for Kingpin. He is a contract killer and can hunt anyone down by his high-tech suit.


Dr Conners wanted to grow his hand as he didn’t have one so he injected himself with Lizard DNA. At first his hand grew but the experiment turn into a human lizard.


Electro shoots lightning from his hands and is a powerhouse of electricity. 


The man who was thought as Uncle Ben’s killer tries to escape from police but fells into some San like thing which turns him into a sand controlling being.


Doctor strange:

This sorcerer will Spider-Man in fighting the sinister six in the new movie. Doctor strange can do magic and can be very strong for help.


Girlfriend of Spider-Man, she tries to help Spider-Man from the case of Mysterio’s death.

Suits: Raimi Suit:


The amazing spider man suit:

MCU Spider-Man Tom Holland suit:

Comic suit:

Spider man PS4 and PS5:



Web Shooters:

This can be used to shoot webs.

Magic Shield:

Magic Sheild can be used to gain some protection by give buffs. If doctor Strange drops magic Shield then there is a chance he may drop a magic Sheild with fire aspect.

Electro’s power:

Electro shoots lightning from his hands so if you want to become hum you can use his powers. It summons lightning bolt when hit.

Magic Enhanced Gauntlet:

This helps you shoot doctor strange like thingys which can be used to levitate an enemy for sometime.

Pumpkin bombs:

This let’s you shoot Pumpkin projectiles which can be used to explode a enemy.


Turn on Experimental Gameplays then turn on both resource and behavior pack. If the Addon does not work then try it again.

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF37eAXVUOQR3aUMXb2v9vQ



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