SpongeBob and Gary Addon

This addon will add SpongeBob SquarePants and his pet snail Gary The Snail in a lot’s of form from the show like Krusty Krab SpongeBob, Jellyfishing SpongeBob and Ripped Pants SpongeBob and more!.




Some Mobs have different health but Minimum 300/150 but the Tiny SpongeBob have 50 health.

List mob:

-SpongeBob SquarePants

-KK SpongeBob 

-Jellyfishing SpongeBob

-Ripped Pants SpongeBob

-SpongeBob LovelyPants

-SpongeBob Karate 

-Bubble blower SpongeBob

-Mermaidman SpongeBob

-SpongeBob BrainPants

-SpongeBob UnderPants

-The Patrick Star Show SpongeBob

-Tiny SpongeBob 


-Squeaky Boots SpongeBob

-SpongeBob and Gary


-Gary The Snail




-SpongeBob Ghost

-Hall Monitor SpongeBob

-Best Day Ever SpongeBob

To tame SpongeBobs you need Krabby Patty,Jelly Bread,Jelly Patty,double triple bossy deluxe,Kelp Fries,Kelp soda,Sea Nut and Smelly Sundae.

and to feed SpongeBobs you need Jellyfish jelly,Cookie ,Kelp Candy and Sweet Berries Candy.

Gary the snail can be tame with Double Triple bossy deluxe,cookie,Kelp fries and Krabby Patty.

You can feed Gary too with Gary’s food bowl.

Bubble can be Tame with Soap Bottle and you can ride him,he doesn’t fall damage.


Air Helmet

Air helmet will let you go to the bottom of the Ocean.

You can get this item by Trade with Jellyfishing SpongeBob.

Item and food

You can draw DoodleBob with Magic Pencil.

if you Shoot DoodleBob at mob it will hurt a lot.

Bubble wand will blow Bubble and you can ride it

Jelly Launcher will shoot Jellyfish that explode.

Underwear can be used for health like enchanted golden apple.

Patty was use for trade with KK SpongeBob.


Alarmy is a Decoration,you can put it on the top of barrel.


-Add 3 mobs SpongeBob Best Day Ever, Hall Monitor SpongeBob, SpongeBob Ghost.

-Change Mermaidman SpongeBob Texture.

-link update.

-Change SpongeBob BrainPants Sound.


Download the file.

Find the file in the Download folder.

Extract the file.

Cut the Resource pack to resource_pack folder.

And cut cut the behavior pack to behabior pack in com.mojang folder.


By aadhu

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