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Squalodon Addon

Squalodon is a prehistoric relative of river dolphins from the miocene epoch, however it was the size of an orca and had serrated teeth like a great white shark.  


Where does it spawn?: Although that would seem pretty obvious, this is the same case with the microraptor, so they don’t spawn yet.

Then how do I get it?: Obtaining the spawn egg is the same as with microraptor, but the recipe is different and logically more expensive.

How do I tame a squalodon?: You can’t tame a squalodon, but it may be tamable in the future, luckily they aren’t aggressive unprovoked, but hurt them and they will eat you alive. They can even kill the wither in a pod (a group of dolphins/whales is called a pod).

An example of what happens when you try to fight a squalodon

creator: https://twitter.com/TheGreatQ7



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